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16 Best Used Furniture Stores in Sacramento, CA

Aug 2, 2023
18 min read
The Best Used Furniture Stores in Sacramento, CA
This article compiles the shared experiences and reviews of our readers who have had encounters with various used furniture stores in the city. While it highlights some of the top-rated stores based on our readers' personal experiences, it's important to remember that this list is not exhaustive. There is a wealth of used furniture stores in the city that haven't been featured but are certainly worth exploring. We encourage you to use this article as a starting point, and to venture out and discover the many other excellent options available to you!

Family Best Furniture

Family Best Furniture · 6060 Stockton Blvd, Sacramento, CA 95824, United States
★★★★★ · Furniture store

Walking into Family Best Furniture is like stepping into a treasure trove of unique and beautiful pieces. The store is filled with all kinds of furniture, each with its own charm and personality. I found some really nice pieces that added a touch of uniqueness to my home. The prices were surprisingly good too, which was a pleasant surprise.

What really made my experience memorable was the people. They were so nice and welcoming. I felt comfortable and at ease as I browsed through the store. If you're looking for a place with good furniture and nice people, I highly recommend Family Best Furniture.

River City Furniture Auction

River City Furniture Auction · 5400 S Watt Ave, Sacramento, CA 95826, United States
★★★★☆ · Furniture store

Imagine stumbling upon a goldmine, right here in Sacramento, and that goldmine is the River City Furniture Auction. This online auction house is a treasure trove of unique furniture pieces that have added character to my home.

I've put together an entire dining set, each piece more beautiful and interesting than the last. The prices? They're as sweet as a slice of pie from Rick's Dessert Diner, making it hard to resist placing just one more bid.

The staff at River City Furniture Auction is as warm and friendly as a local at the farmers market. They made my furniture-hunting experience smooth and enjoyable, much like a ride down the American River bike trail.

My most prized find has to be a hip mid-century modern sofa that fits perfectly in my midtown apartment. The shipping was faster than a Kings fast break, and the prices were lower than the Tower Bridge at sunset. I've been telling all my Sac town friends about this place. It's not just a furniture auction site, it's a Sacramento treasure.

Furniture Co.

Furniture Co. · 5005 Stockton Blvd B, Sacramento, CA 95820, United States
★★★★☆ · Furniture store

Breathe life into your living spaces with Furniture Co., a store that blends quality, design, and affordability in a manner rarely seen. I remember my first visit to this store, it looked like a small storefront from the outside. However, as I walked in, I was amazed at the extensive selection of beautiful furniture and home decor. It was like stepping into an Aladdin's cave full of treasures waiting to be discovered.

The owner, Shawn, is a true gem. He walked me through their collection, helped me pair a table with chairs from another set and even got our sectional modified straight from the manufacturer. His professionalism and dedication to customer satisfaction were truly remarkable.

One of the things that impressed me the most was their delivery service. Not only was it free, but the delivery guys were also professional, punctual, and took great care in setting up my sofa. They truly valued my time and my home, and that’s a service you don’t find easily these days.

In my subsequent visits, I've found amazing deals on kids' beds and recliners. Each piece is of top-notch quality and the prices are unbeatable. If you're in Sacramento and in need of furniture, I couldn’t recommend Furniture Co. enough. It's more than just a store, it's a one-stop solution for all your furniture needs.

A Haven for Furniture Shoppers: One Stop Furniture

One Stop Furniture · 2441 Northgate Blvd, Sacramento, CA 95833, United States
★★★★★ · Furniture store

The moment I stepped into One Stop Furniture, I was captivated by the wide variety of furniture options. The salespeople were not just attentive, but they were also extremely helpful. I remember how Hannah and Vlad guided me through the whole process, ensuring I picked the pieces that were not just necessary, but also fitting to my style and budget.

The store is a haven for anyone looking for great deals. The prices were spectacular, and they even had several payment options which made the experience even better. I was thrilled to find so many lovely items that left me mesmerized. The store was filled with beautiful pieces, from living room sets to bedroom furniture, all of which were within my price range.

Apart from the wide range of furniture, the customer service was top-notch. Carolina was particularly helpful, showing me several options and helping me put together my living room. She was very thorough and ensured that everything stayed within my price range. The swift delivery was just the cherry on top.

One Stop Furniture is more than a furniture store. It's a place where you feel welcome and comfortable. The staff makes you feel like part of their family, ensuring your needs are met. I can't wait to return and make more purchases, and I wholeheartedly recommend this place to anyone in need of high-quality, affordable furniture.

Big Lots

Big Lots · 6630 Valley Hi Dr, Sacramento, CA 95823, United States
★★★★☆ · Discount store

As I continued my journey through Sacramento, I found myself at Big Lots, a store known for its wide range of products, from housewares to grocery items and furniture. I was pleasantly surprised by the number of gift ideas I found. I even managed to pick up some Christmas gifts at a lower price than I would have paid at a regular grocery store.

One thing that stood out to me was their unique food products. I found items that I couldn't find anywhere else, adding to the exciting experience of shopping at Big Lots. What truly impressed me, though, was the store's pricing. They offered various products at excellent and affordable prices, a real boon considering today's economy.

However, one thing that could have improved my shopping experience was having shopping baskets available, especially for senior citizens like me. I had to make several trips to the counter to set my goods down. It was a minor inconvenience, but not one that would deter me from visiting again.

In all, my trip to Big Lots was a fruitful one. If you're in Sacramento, I'd highly recommend dropping by. You'll find a lot more than just furniture, and who knows, you might just stumble upon some hidden gems like I did.

A Trip Down Memory Lane at Mid Century Sacramento

Mid Century Sacramento · 1112 C St, Sacramento, CA 95814, United States
★★★★★ · Antique furniture store

Stepping into Mid Century Sacramento is like stepping into a time machine, each visit transports me back to the charm and elegance of the mid-century era. The store is a treasure trove of Danish modern pieces that I've had the pleasure of adding to my collection. I've found the prices to be surprisingly reasonable, and the quality is always top-notch.

The service at Mid Century Sacramento is equally impressive. The staff is not only friendly but also incredibly knowledgeable. They constantly bring in new pieces every Monday, and once a month, a shipping container from Europe arrives, bringing with it a whole new world of furniture possibilities.

In addition, they offer a fantastic refinishing service that has breathed new life into some of my older pieces. The staff is always patient, welcoming, and ever ready to assist in finding the perfect piece for my home. I've found that if you have an idea of what you want, they're happy to help you find it.

The quality of their overseas and stateside sourced pieces is superb. Every piece I've purchased from Mid Century Sacramento has been a conversation starter in my home.

In conclusion, Mid Century Sacramento is more than just a furniture store, it's a journey into a bygone era, a place where you can find timeless pieces that will add character and charm to any space. Whether you're a fan of mid-century design or just looking for a unique piece of furniture, I highly recommend you check out Mid Century Sacramento.

Antique Annie's

Antique Annie’s · 1803 Del Paso Blvd, Sacramento, CA 95815, United States
★★★★☆ · Antique store

Walking into Antique Annie's feels like stepping into a treasure trove of stories. This laid-back store is filled with old-fashioned furniture and unique collectibles from all over the world, each item carrying a rich history.

Annie, the owner, is a gem herself. She has been running the store for 37 years and has the most amazing way of introducing the stories behind each item. To her, it's not just an object—it's a story about someone's life.

On one of my visits, Annie even stayed open an hour past closing time just for me. That's how dedicated she is to her customers. The staff there are equally welcoming. They are incredibly kind and patient, always ready to assist with a smile. Not to mention, they have a fabulous fashion sense, and their style recommendations are always on point.

One of my favorite purchases from Antique Annie's is a super cute denim dress. But it's not just about the clothes. The store is full of unique finds—I've brought home everything from vintage furniture pieces to one-of-a-kind jewelry.

Each visit to Antique Annie's is a unique experience and I always leave with something special. It's the perfect place for anyone looking for unique, vintage items with a story to tell.


I FURNITURE WAREHOUSE · 4720 Mack Rd #1, Sacramento, CA 95823, United States
★★★★☆ · Furniture store

On my quest to find unique, high-quality furniture in Sacramento, I stumbled upon I Furniture Warehouse. The moment I stepped inside, I felt like I had discovered a hidden gem. The store was brimming with brand-new furniture, each piece more distinctive than the last. From bedroom sets to living room essentials, and even dining sets, the variety was impressive.

I was particularly taken in by a marble dining table set with six leather chairs. It was an exquisite piece, and I was astounded to find it priced at nearly half of what other stores were offering it for, even during a President's Day sale. The owner, Henry, was professional and kind, going above and beyond to ensure I got the best deal.

During the same visit, I also found a beautiful dresser, nightstand, and sofa. Again, the prices were unbeatable, making me feel like I had struck gold. The store also offers same-day pick up, which I found incredibly convenient.

What added to the pleasant shopping experience was the delivery and assembly service. The staff was efficient and assembled the furniture at lightning speed, taking care not to cause any damage. Plus, the store's location in a sketchy neighborhood added a sense of adventure to my shopping trip.

I would highly recommend I Furniture Warehouse to anyone looking for high-quality, brand-new furniture at a bargain price. It's a place I'll definitely return to when I need more furniture. Here's the link for you to check it out yourself!

Overstock Outlet US: Where Quality Meets Affordability

Overstock Outlet US · 2419 Del Paso Blvd, Sacramento, CA 95815, United States
★★★★☆ · Furniture store

Walking into Overstock Outlet US, I was immediately greeted by the warm smiles of the owners, Sanjay and Natalie. Their affable demeanor and their commitment to customer satisfaction are truly second to none. To my surprise, I walked out of the store with two high-quality rugs for just $100! The prices here are unbeatable and the quality is top notch.

The store was clean, well organized and there was ample space to walk around. It wasn’t crowded and it smelled good, which made my shopping experience quite enjoyable. The store offers a variety of furniture, but I was specifically interested in a mattress and bed frame set.

Jay, one of the staff members, was extremely respectful and conversational. He asked about my budget and promised to work within it, and he kept his word. I was shown a variety of options within and slightly above my price range. I was impressed by his patience and his understanding of my family’s needs.

To my delight, I was given a gift of sheets with my purchase! It was a considerate gesture that I appreciated, especially since I was transitioning from a queen to a California king mattress. Jay also helped me save some money on taxes by offering other payment methods.

With the perfect set, same day delivery, and a total cost of $800, I left Overstock Outlet US feeling valued and respected.

Whether you're on a tight budget or just looking for high-quality furniture at a reasonable price, I would highly recommend checking out Overstock Outlet US in Sacramento, CA. I'm certain you'll leave with a smile on your face, just as I did.

Ruland's Used Office Furnishings

Ruland’s Used Office Furnishings · 1624 N C St, Sacramento, CA 95811, United States
★★★★☆ · Furniture store

Have you ever stepped into a place and felt immediately captivated by its history and character? This is precisely how I felt when I first visited Ruland's Used Office Furnishings in Sacramento, CA.

Nestled in an old, historic building, I found this store to be a treasure trove of diverse office furniture. The vast array of pieces, both new and used, was impressive. It's the kind of place where you can lose yourself for hours, sifting through the myriad of rooms filled with office items.

What really stood out to me was the unique selection of antiques mixed in with the office furniture. It was like stepping into a different era, and I loved the charm and character each piece brought to the establishment.

Building my home office was a breeze thanks to Ruland's. The selection of secondhand office chairs, desks, cabinets, and casegoods was extensive. I appreciated the excellent service I received from the staff, especially Tim, who was both nice and helpful.

One word of advice though, make sure to double-check all the components of your purchase before leaving. I bought a 4-drawer file cabinet and had to return because some rails and clips were missing. But they quickly rectified the issue.

Despite this minor hiccup, I found Ruland's Used Office Furnishings to be a fantastic place to buy office furniture in Sacramento, not just for the unique pieces but for the excellent customer service too.

Brite Ideas Furniture & Home Accents

Brite Ideas Furniture & Home Accents · 5675 Power Inn Rd, Sacramento, CA 95824, United States
★★★★★ · Furniture store

Stepping into Brite Ideas Furniture & Home Accents feels like walking into a treasure trove of unique and stylish pieces. I was immediately drawn in by the eclectic mix of furnishings and home accents. The showroom was packed to the brim, making it a fun experience to explore and discover hidden gems.

The man behind this wonderful store, Charles, was the epitome of personable and accommodating. He provided an excellent shopping experience, offering helpful advice and guidance without being pushy. I could tell he had a genuine passion for what he does, and his expertise was evident in the quality and uniqueness of the items on offer.

One of the things I appreciated most about Brite Ideas was their willingness to help with decorating ideas. I found myself in a bit of a design rut and needed some fresh inspiration. Charles was more than happy to help, suggesting several pieces that would work perfectly in my home.

I ended up buying a few pieces of furniture and gifts from Brite Ideas. Each piece was beautiful and comfortable, making my home feel more inviting. I can't recommend Brite Ideas Furniture & Home Accents enough for anyone looking for the perfect piece or whole room decor in Sacramento.

Scout Living

Scout Living · 1215 18th St, Sacramento, CA 95811, United States
★★★★★ · Antique store

As I continued my furniture hunt, I stumbled upon Scout Living, a slick antique shop with a mid-century modern aesthetic. This place was a veritable treasure trove of unique furniture, decor, and more. With its cool vintage vibe and eclectic variety of items, it was almost like stepping back in time.

One of the first things that caught my eye was their selection of furniture. Each piece was unique and seemed to have its own story to tell. Not only did they have a broad range of items, but the quality was remarkable and the prices were surprisingly affordable. I was able to find a few wonderfully restored pieces that were cheaper than I'd anticipated, a rare find in most furniture stores.

The artwork and decor were equally impressive. From paintings to knick-knacks, there was something for everyone. I even found a few old records that brought back fond memories. It's the perfect place to find that unique gift or just something fun to add a bit of personality to your living space.

But what really stood out was the staff. They were not only friendly but also extremely knowledgeable. They could tell you the history of each piece, who made it, and even gave suggestions on how to incorporate it into your home decor.

Scout Living is more than just a furniture store; it's an experience. It's my favorite store in Sacramento, and I can't wait to come back and see what new treasures they've curated. If you're in the area and looking for furniture or just something distinct to spruce up your home, I highly recommend giving Scout Living a visit.

Unearthing Hidden Gems at Schiff's Estate Sale Building

Schiff’s Estate Sale Building · 1309 Del Paso Blvd Suite A, Sacramento, CA 95815, United States
★★★★★ · Antique store

One sunny afternoon, I decided to explore the Schiff's Estate Sale Building. I was drawn in by the impressive array of treasures that lay within. This store is a treasure trove, filled with a wide variety of unique items, from vintage furniture to unique art pieces. I was particularly captivated by an Asian wall hanging that I found nestled between vintage cabinet pulls and crystal trays.

Every visit to Schiff's feels like an adventure. The ambience of the place, with its diverse range of items, is always a delight to soak in. What sets this place apart is not just the surprising variety of building supplies it offers, but also the helpful and knowledgeable staff. They're always just a few steps away, ready to assist, and they always go out of their way to make you feel welcome.

Whether you're looking for something specific for your home or just up for a delightful treasure hunt, Schiff's Estate Sale Building never disappoints. There's something for everyone, and each visit feels like an adventure. So, if you ever find yourself in Sacramento, do pay a visit to Schiff's Estate Sale Building. You never know what you'll find!

Discovering the Charm of The Den Vintage

The Den Vintage · 1104 R St #120, Sacramento, CA 95811, United States
★★★★★ · Second hand store

Stepping into The Den Vintage is like stepping into a time machine, with every corner filled with a piece of history. This quaint little shop in Sacramento is a treasure trove of vintage furniture, each piece telling a story from a different era. I was instantly charmed by the small rotating inventory, a testament to the store's dedication to quality over quantity.

Right off the bat, the staff was incredibly friendly. They not only helped me navigate through the store but also shared fascinating stories behind each piece of furniture. It was clear that they were not just selling furniture, but also sharing pieces of history.

One of the highlights of my visit was the beautiful selection of vintage furniture. Each piece was unique, carrying a charm that modern furniture often lacks. I was particularly taken by a mid-century modern coffee table that would be the perfect addition to my living room.

The Den Vintage is not just a store; it's an experience. Whether you're a vintage enthusiast or just looking for a unique piece of furniture, this place is a must-visit. And who knows? You might just go home with a piece of history.

Upscale Consignment Furniture

Upscale Consignment Furniture · 3236 Auburn Blvd, Sacramento, CA 95821, United States
★★★★☆ · Consignment shop

On a bright sunny day in Sacramento, I found myself wandering into Upscale Consignment Furniture. As the name suggests, this place houses a vast collection of both new and used furniture that immediately catches your eyes.

One thing that struck me was the range of choices available. From classy sofas to chic loveseats, every piece seemed to have its own unique charm. I ended up buying a sofa and loveseat set, which not only had a reasonable price tag but also looked stunning.

The customer service at Upscale Consignment Furniture is impressive. Once, there was a minor issue with the pillows delivered with my sofa set. But the staff resolved it right away, ensuring a smooth shopping experience for me.

Another aspect that sets this place apart is the quality of the items. I was particularly drawn to a couch that looked absolutely pristine. It was hard to believe that it was a consignment piece.

If you are in Sacramento and looking for a place to shop for furniture, I highly recommend you visit Upscale Consignment Furniture. It's not just about the variety and the quality, but also the customer service that makes shopping here a pleasant experience.

CORT Furniture Outlet

CORT Furniture Outlet · 1790 N Market Blvd, Sacramento, CA 95834, United States
★★★★☆ · Used furniture store

If you're looking for a furniture shopping experience that leaves you feeling like you've hit a gold mine, then CORT Furniture Outlet in Sacramento is your destination. This place truly won me over with their stunning selection, top-notch customer service, and unbeatable prices.

Upon entering, I was immediately taken aback by their impressive array of furniture. I was able to find exactly what I was looking for in no time. The vast selection here is one to applaud, and the prices? Incredible. I remember snagging a used dining set at a price that left me grinning from ear to ear.

The staff at CORT Furniture Outlet is another reason why this store is such a gem. They were so helpful and went above and beyond to ensure that my shopping experience was smooth and enjoyable. I also appreciated their professionalism when it came to delivery. It's not every day that you come across a furniture store that promises to deliver your items the next day and actually keeps its word.

In a nutshell, CORT Furniture Outlet is a place that understands the essence of customer satisfaction. From the variety of pieces to the friendly staff and from the affordability to the prompt deliveries, this store is a must-visit for anyone looking for quality used furniture in Sacramento. So next time you're in the area, do yourself a favor and stop by this furniture haven.


As a resident of Sacramento, I can confidently say that finding high-quality used furniture in the city is not a daunting task. With an array of options ranging from thrift stores to upscale consignments, there's something to suit every taste and budget.

Each of these stores offers a unique experience, with distinct pieces that can transform any living space. Whether you're a fan of antique charm, mid-century elegance, or contemporary chic, Sacramento's used furniture scene has got you covered. So, the next time you're on the hunt for that perfect piece to complete your home, don't forget to explore these hidden gems in our city. Happy furniture hunting!