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10 Best Used Furniture Stores in Dallas, TX

Jul 12, 2023
10 min read
Best Used Furniture Stores in Dallas, TX

Let's take a walk along the streets of Dallas as we explore some of these eclectic stores, each with its own distinct personality, waiting to be discovered.

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Discovering Hidden Treasures at Dulce Interior Consignment Showplace

I've always been one to appreciate the unique and unusual, the one-of-a-kind pieces that add a dash of personality to my home. That's exactly why I found myself drawn to Dulce Interior Consignment Showplace. Just a visit to their website had me intrigued but stepping into their shop was an entirely different experience.

The first thing that catches your eye is the vast collection of furniture and home goods. Each piece has its own story to tell, a different charm that refuses to go unnoticed. I've been numerous times and not once have I seen the same piece twice.

But it's not just about furniture. Their art collection is just as varied and enticing. From classic paintings to eccentric sculptures, they truly have something to cater to all tastes.

If you're looking for a first-class resale experience, then Dulce Interior Consignment Showplace should be your go-to place. This isn't just a shop, it's an emporium of hidden treasures waiting to be discovered.

Dulce Interior Consignment Showplace Β· 1208 N Riverfront Blvd, Dallas, TX 75207, United States
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A Stroll Through Consignment Heaven

When you step into Consignment Heaven, you take a stroll through history. This remarkable place, my favorite consignment store in Dallas, has been a fixture in our community for the last 30 years, gracing us with high-end antiques, secondhand designer furniture, lighting, art and accessories. It's a place where old beautifully merges with the new, and your senses are treated to an eclectic mix of styles and eras.

Each visit to the store always feels like a new adventure. The inventory is constantly changing, keeping things exciting and fresh. One day, you might spot a timeless Victorian-era couch that adds rustic charm to any living room. The next week, a bold, modernist painting might catch your eye. It's truly a treasure trove for any antique lover, with furniture stacked up to your ears, a mecca for those who appreciate traditional aesthetics.

What sets Consignment Heaven apart, apart from its splendid collection, is the knowledgeable staff. They are passionate about antiques and have a deep understanding of the pieces. As a customer, it's comforting to know you're in the hands of experts who can guide you through the inventory and offer valuable insights into the history and value of the pieces.

If you're on a quest for unique, finely curated antiques and art, Consignment Heaven is an experience one should not miss. The wares are surprisingly affordable, making it a delightful spot for those who want to bring a touch of luxury and history into their homes without breaking the bank. This is more than a store - it's a slice of Dallas history and a testament to the beauty of craftsmanship across generations. See you there, neighbor!

Consignment Heaven Β· 2901 N Henderson Ave, Dallas, TX 75206, United States
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Discovering Treasures at On Consignment

Every city has its secrets, and in Dallas, one of mine is a quaint secondhand shop, tucked away like a precious jewel waiting to be discovered. Nestled in the heart of the city, On Consignment is not just a store, it's a treasure trove.

One day, while I was wandering around the neighborhood, I stumbled upon this gem. Curiosity piqued, I decided to explore. Walking into On Consignment is like stepping into another era. Antiques and vintage furniture of all shapes and sizes fill the room, each piece whispering stories of the past. Once, in my search for a centerpiece to spice up my living room, I found a gorgeous coffee table and two barstools that were perfect for my home.

The owners of On Consignment are the soul of the place. Their helpful, friendly demeanor made my shopping experience all the more enjoyable. They are not just shopkeepers; they are curators of the past, knowledgeable about every piece in the store.

But the best part about On Consignment is its authenticity. Every antique piece, every unique find, has been carefully authenticated. This is not your average secondhand store where you question the origin of the pieces. Here, you can rest easy knowing that you are investing in genuine antiques.

On Consignment Β· 2719 Fairmount St, Dallas, TX 75201, United States
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A Trip Down Memory Lane at Lots of Furniture Antiques Warehouse

Every town has its hidden gem. For me and my neighbors, it's an antique warehouse named Lots of Furniture Antiques, tucked away in our local streets. It's a place where stories of the past meet the present. With every visit, the joy of exploring the myriad items stacked throughout the warehouse and landing on that one artifact that speaks to you is unparalleled. You can find their collection at and plan your visit.

This warehouse, run by identical twins, is like stepping into a time machine. Every corner brings a new discovery, from European and American antique furniture to architectural details that can spark a conversation. I remember getting this antique French wine bottle there. It became a centerpiece for many of our dinner party conversations.

What sets this place apart is the unbeatable customer service. Ted, the owner, always goes the extra mile to ensure that you not only find what you're looking for but also leave with a story about its origin. He's always willing to negotiate, making it all the more exciting to land a bargain.

Their ever-changing inventory keeps me coming back. It's never the same store twice. The prices are fair and competitive, keeping the flow of artifacts steady. This is a refreshing change from typical antique shops where items reside for years without movement.

The walls adorned with original antique paintings are a sight to behold. The variety and depth of their art collection are unmatched, making it a haven for art lovers like myself.

So whether you're looking for a rare antique, need a unique piece to complete your home decor, or just want to spend a day exploring history, Lots of Furniture Antiques Warehouse is the place to be. Don't just take my word for it though, come and experience it for yourself!

Lots of Furniture Antiques Warehouse Β· 910 N Riverfront Blvd, Dallas, TX 75207, United States
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Discovering Hidden Treasures at Furniture Buy Consignment

You wouldn't believe the gems I've uncovered during my many visits to Furniture Buy Consignment. It's like stepping into a treasure trove, filled with a kaleidoscope of colorful, quality merchandise.

Every visit promises a new surprise. On one occasion, I walked in right as they had just received a chair that caught my eye. After a quick online search, I realized that I had stumbled upon a bargain. The chair, which would have cost me $500 to $600 elsewhere, was priced at a mere $199 before taxes at the consignment shop. The chair was in impeccable condition, with not a flaw to be seen. It seemed almost too good to be true, but my home now boasts this beautiful chair thanks to Furniture Buy Consignment.

The store is always a joy to explore, and even if you think you’re not in need of anything, you would be surprised at what catches your eye. On another visit, I found a quaint little bookcase tucked away in a back corner that had seen better days. But with a bit of DIY magic and a strategically placed display item, it now holds a place of honor in my living room. The price was just right, and it added just the right touch of vintage charm to my space.

The staff is always friendly and helpful. They have an unbeatable knack for sourcing unique, quality pieces and pricing them fairly. So if you're in the neighborhood, do yourself a favor and drop by Furniture Buy Consignment. You never know what treasures you'll uncover!

Furniture Buy Consignment Β· 11722 Marsh Ln Suite 212, Dallas, TX 75229, United States
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Discover Treasures at Julia's Resale Shop

Ever found yourself losing track of time while deep in the hunt for a hidden gem? That's exactly what happens each time I step into Julia's Resale Shop. This little piece of Dallas' charm has been a staple for over 30 years, thanks to Julia's delightful spirit and commitment to the trade.

Julia's prices are not just reasonable β€” they're downright amazing. The fact that she's sweeter than Texas Tea only sweetens the deal! I've found so many unique and cool items here over the years, from vintage magazines to quirky trophies that my kids adore. I even sold her a house over a decade ago; that's how deep our friendship runs.

Now, I won't sugarcoat it β€” the shop is a bit chaotic. It's packed from wall to wall with a mishmash of items, and clothing isn't organized in sections, which can make the hunt for a specific item a bit overwhelming. But isn't that part of the thrill? Plus, the owners are incredibly nice, always ready to help you find what you're looking for.

Remember, though, it's a cash-only place, and parking can be limited outside. But trust me, the journey is worth it. After all, where else can you find large screen TVs, linens, and lamps all in one place? And who knows, you might just walk out with an unexpected treasure from Julia's Resale Shop.

Julia’s Resale Shop Β· 402 S Fitzhugh Ave, Dallas, TX 75223, United States
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Discovering Treasures at Again & Again

Every city has its hidden gems, and in my city, one such treasure trove is Again & Again. Tucked away in an unassuming warehouse, this place is a paradise for lovers of vintage furniture and mid-century pieces. Over the years, it's become my go-to spot for unique finds and home decor inspiration.

Walking into the store is like stepping back in time. The space is filled with an array of stunning mid-century pieces in pristine condition. The layout is a bit eclectic with furniture scattered all around, which might feel overwhelming to some, but for me, it adds to the charm and the thrill of discovery. I love the fact that every visit to Again & Again is a new adventure, full of the unexpected.

The staff here is another reason why I keep coming back. They've always been friendly and helpful, willing to share stories behind the pieces and offer their advice on what would work best in my space. The store owner, Lesley, has a particular knack for making things affordable without compromising on quality or style. She's been a great help on multiple occasions, guiding me to make the right choices.

Not everything in the store is to everyone's taste, and that's okay. But I believe the key to truly appreciating Again & Again is to approach it with an open mind and a sense of curiosity. Who knows? You might stumble upon a one-of-a-kind piece that turns out to be the perfect addition to your home decor. As for me, this delightful place has made me reconsider my retirement plans, choosing to invest in my dream pieces instead.

Despite the mixed reviews, I believe that the heart and soul of Again & Again lies in its commitment to breathing new life into old treasures. It's not just a business, but a testament to the beauty of repurposing and the enduring charm of vintage style. So, if you're in the neighborhood and have a penchant for all things vintage, I highly recommend giving this place a visit.

Again & Again Β· 961 Slocum St, Dallas, TX 75207, United States
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Discovering Hidden Gems at Prime Thrift Second Avenue

You wouldn't believe the treasures you might stumble upon at the Prime Thrift Second Avenue. The moment I step into the store, I'm instantly captivated by the sheer variety of items, each with its own story to tell.

The emporium is unbelievably clean, and I love how they maintain such a pleasant shopping environment. It's easy to lose track of time, browsing through the affordable, second-hand goodies. One of my favorite things to do is to hunt for those unique, vintage pieces that add a touch of old-world charm to my home. The prices are incredibly reasonable, and with the daily specials, I sometimes walk out with much more than I initially planned to buy. If you're lucky enough to spend more than $20, you even get a scratch-off for additional savings.

But perhaps what impresses me the most is how Prime Thrift supports a great cause. They're standing up for our country's heroes, and every purchase you make contributes to that mission. It's a heartening thought to know that while you're indulging your thrift-shopping passion, you're also making a difference.

Prime Thrift Second Avenue Β· 4640 S Second Ave, Dallas, TX 75210, United States
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