5 Safer Bunk Bed Alternatives

Apr 11, 2022
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Safer Bunk Bed Alternatives
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Vertical bunk beds are popular, but there are safety concerns related to the use of these beds. The safer alternatives listed here can be helpful to parents. These alternatives are safer and provide adequate storage space. They also enhance the appearance of the room.

Additionally, bunk beds help expand the room space vertically. This allows more than one kid to stay in a room comfortably.

What's more, bunk beds have adequate space for storage. Using a bunk bed allows to free up space that would have been taken up by placing beds next to each other. The saved space can be used for some other purpose.

While bunk beds help save space and allow children some privacy, there are risks involved in using these beds—for instance, children falling from the bed. The risk exists even for the lower rungs of the bed. In fact, it is not advisable to use bunk beds for children below the age of nine.

Thankfully, there are many other alternatives to bunk beds that offer many benefits. These alternatives address all the safety concerns that bunk beds pose. The other options have different features, like additional storage space, making it more convenient to use. You can look at the alternatives below and choose the ones that suit your needs.

The Five Alternatives

1. Hideaway Beds

2. Skewed Bunk Beds with Shelves and Drawers

3. Two Beds Connected to Storage Dresser

4. Bunk Beds with Stairs

5. Storage Beds

1. Hideaway Bed

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The hideaway bed is an option that you must keep in mind when looking for safer alternatives to bunk beds. The hideaway bed can be placed against the wall when it is not used. This is why it is called a hideaway bed since it can be hidden. It is also known as the "murphy bed" or "pull-down bed."  

You can even buy two hideaway beds. They would turn out to be safer than bunk beds and allow your kids to sleep comfortably. The best part is that these beds can be pressed into the walls when not in use during the daytime. This represents excellent space-saving. Of course, you need to push the bed to the wall and then pull it back each day.


  • The biggest advantage is the space saved by using the hideaway bed.
  • The room looks tidy since the bed would be rolled into the wall when unused.
  • When they are placed vertically, they look like a dressing shelf.
  • They are stylish and space-saving in functionality.


  • The biggest limitation of this bed is that you need to pull down the bed at night when the kid wants to go to bed, and you need to push it back into space in the morning.
  • When you pull and push the bed, you will need to remake the bedding, which can be inconvenient to do every day.
  • This has to be done by parents since kids may not be able to do it.

2. Skewed Bunk Beds with Shelves and Drawers

Skewed Bunk Beds
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The skewed bunk bed is a modified version of the traditional bunk bed. In the classic bunk bed, one bed is placed above the other. The skewed design ensures that the distance between two beds in the bunk bed is reduced. The bed on top will hang a little over the bed below.

This ensures that the skewed bunk bed is a safer option. Since the bed is skewed, the height is reduced. As a result, the risk of falling down from the bed is minimized.

The design of the skewed bunk bed is also functional. It accommodates drawers as well as shelves in-built into the bed. This bed is thus beneficial as it works as a bed and offers space to store kids’ belongings. It is a very functional type of bed that is useful and also space-saving. In fact, the space-saving offered by the skewed bunk bed is more than that of the traditional type of bunk bed. You can save the costs of a bookshelf and dresser by opting for this model.


  • It is a safer option than the traditional bunk bed.
  • It has drawers and bookshelves that are part of the frame, making it more useful.
  • The overall use and appearance of this bed is better than the regular bunk bed.


  • The additional features and the skewed design of this bed takes more space than the traditional type.
  • If you have a small room, this bed will take a lot of space.
  • In case you have a kid who doesn’t like to sleep on the top bunk of the bed, then this bed won’t be suitable for you.

3. Two Beds Connected to Storage Dresser

This is an interesting design and a good alternative to a bunk bed. To use this type of bed, it needs to be placed correctly in the room. There would be two beds that are connected to a dresser and storage. The dresser storage needs to be placed in the corner of the room. The two beds come out from the two sides of the dresser and storage. This ensures you get two beds with a dresser and storage space.

As long as you position the bed properly in the room, this bunk bed option will work out very well. If you can position the dresser and storage in the corner, two children can use this bed with the additional benefit of a dresser and a storage shelf. This can be space-saving for you.

There is an issue with the practicality of this bed. If your room is too small, then you may have a problem using it. In most homes, this bed should be fine. It is important that you measure your bedroom and check if the bed would fit. Also, check out if it leaves space to move around. If you have space, then it is a very safe option compared to a bunk bed.


  • The main benefit of this type of bed is that it is perfectly safe. Since it does not use a bunk design, safety is guaranteed.
  • There is no risk of your kids falling down from the bed.
  • You also get a dresser and storage with the bed.


  • You need more space for this type of bed as compared to the traditional type of bunk bed.
  • It may not be a practical option if you do not have sufficient space in the room.
  • It can make the room look cramped.

4. Bunk Beds with Stairs

Bunk Beds with Stairs
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One of the concerns about bunk beds is that there is a risk involved in climbing up the ladder to reach the top of the bunk bed. In general, most kids do not have problems climbing the ladder of a bunk bed. Most bunk beds do not have very tall ladders. Parents worry that their kids may slip and fall or may not have the coordination to balance their way up the stairs.

Instead of the traditional bunk bed having a ladder, a safer alternative is to use a bunk bed with stairs. Instead of the ladder, which presents risks, the bed would have safer stairs built into it. The stairs are included within the frame of the bed, making it more convenient to use. The stairs are quite sturdy and are sufficiently wide so a kid can climb and reach the top bed safely without much of a problem.

This type of bunk bed can be a bit bulkier than the traditional type. The reason is the inclusion of the stairs instead of the ladder. However, a bit more space consumed is not a problem since this design is much safer. For parents, who want a bunk bed but have safety concerns, this option is the best design. You can be assured that your child will not have problems while climbing up and down the stairs.


  • The stairs in this bed are a part of the bed structure. This makes it much easier to climb up to reach the top bed.
  • Stairs are more comfortable than ladders.
  • The overall convenience in terms of space-saving makes this a great bed.


  • This bed is similar to that of a bunk bed, and the only difference is that it has stairs instead of ladders.
  • Since the stairs are a part of the frame of the bed, it is overall bulkier. It can take up a little more space than the bunk bed.
  • If your child does not like to sleep on the top bed, then this bed won’t be suitable.

5. Storage Bed

Storage Bed
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Generally, a kids’ bedroom would need beds, a dresser, and a storage space for their clothes, books, etc. The storage bed is a very convenient type of bed that helps save a lot of space. It is a bed with a dresser in-built with sufficient space for storage. If you have a small room or want to save a lot of space, then this is the best option for you.

You can use the storage to store clothes, books, or anything else. It is also used as a dresser. The bed can be used by the kids to sleep. The construction of this bed is that the frame has drawers where you can store things. Within the wooden frame is a space where the mattress can be placed.

With this design, there is no requirement for a box spring. The design of the storage bed is truly innovative. The bed is comfortable to sleep in. There are many drawers that allow your kids to store all their belongings. The storage space is the best among all the different bunk bed alternatives.

If you have two kids, you can buy two storage beds. The space saved is massive. Even though you add two beds in the room, you don’t need cupboards or shelves since the storage bed has all these. This makes it convenient to use. This bed type is the most practical solution for your bed and storage needs. And of course, it is very safe since the bunk design is not used and there are individual beds.


  • The single biggest advantage of this storage bed is that it has ample storage space. You do not need any other storage space in your kids' room if you have a storage bed. You don’t need a dresser, so this can save space.
  • The storage bed is the best space saver option for your kids’ room.
  • Since there is no vertical arrangement of beds, it is safe and does not pose any risk. Each kid will have one bed.


  • While the storage space saved is considerable, the problem is that one bed fits just one child. If you have more than one kid, then you need to buy one storage bed per kid. This can take up a lot of space in the room.
  • If you have a small room, then this option may not be feasible.
  • This option is essentially taking up twice the space of a bunk bed, with the only benefits being the in-built dresser.
  • If you want to use this bed, you need to take proper measurements of the room and then plan how to use the space effectively.