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19 Best Used Furniture Stores in San Jose, CA

Aug 2, 2023
21 min read
The Best Used Furniture Stores in San Jose, CA

Stepping foot in the heart of Silicon Valley, San Jose, you'll find a treasure trove of used furniture stores that offer unique, high-quality pieces at reasonable prices. But with so many options, where should you start? Whether you're looking for a vintage table to add charm to your dining area, a comfy sofa for your living room, or a chic office chair for your home office, San Jose has got you covered.

In this guide, we'll take you on a tour of the best-used furniture stores in San Jose, CA. Get ready to discover hidden gems and find the perfect piece to make your space feel like home.

Elevate Your Office Space with Deco Designs Systems Furniture Inc

Deco Designs Systems Furniture Inc · 1460 Koll Cir Suite D, San Jose, CA 95112, United States
★★★★★ · Office furniture store

When I was looking for some used furniture for my new makeup studio, I stumbled upon Deco Designs Systems Furniture Inc, a local San Jose-based company.

The owner, Mark McMasters, took me on a tour of his warehouse, showcasing an impressive array of used furniture - desks, chairs, file cabinets, and more. The selection was overwhelming!

Mark was particularly helpful and went above and beyond to assist me in my quest to improve my workspace. The variety of products was impressive and the quality was top-notch. I was thrilled when he made me a great deal on a few pieces, proving that good pricing doesn't have to compromise on quality.

One thing that impressed me was their design service. They did a fantastic job with the office cubicles in my studio, optimizing the space and creating a functional and aesthetically pleasing environment.

So, if you're in San Jose and need furniture for your office, I highly recommend Mark McMasters at Deco Designs Systems Furniture Inc.

Discovering Deals at Rick's Furniture

Rick’s Furniture · 842 S 1st St, San Jose, CA 95110, United States
★★★★☆ · Furniture store

Just a short drive away, I found the perfect spot for home decor and more - Rick's Furniture. This furniture showroom manages to curate an impressive collection of setups for every room in the house. The moment I walked in, I was drawn to a discounted floor model mattress.

Luis, one of their staff members, was incredibly knowledgeable and suggested I try a new one instead. The transaction was so smooth and comfortable that I was compelled to ask him about a sofa and chair combo I had purchased elsewhere earlier that day. To my surprise, Luis managed to beat their price!

What I love about this place is the customer service. Luis, in particular, has been amazing and has become my personal shopper for home furnishings. He's always on the lookout for unique pieces that other stores don't typically carry.

And the best part? The furniture I've bought from Rick's has been remarkably durable and long-lasting.

If you're looking for a wide collection of furniture and an exceptional shopping experience, I highly recommend you pay a visit to Rick's Furniture.

A Winning Experience at City Sleep Furniture

City Sleep Furniture · 561 Tully Rd, San Jose, CA 95111, United States
★★★★☆ · Furniture store

Next up on my furniture hunt, I ventured to City Sleep Furniture and found myself pleasantly surprised. The moment I walked in, I was greeted warmly by Ms. Kelly who immediately made me feel at home.

She was incredibly knowledgeable about the furniture they had in stock, patiently listened to my needs, and provided great suggestions. Her friendly demeanor and expertise made my shopping experience enjoyable.

I ended up purchasing a beautifully crafted leather sectional for my living room. The store owner, Vinh, was incredibly patient and helpful while I was making my decision. He guided me through the different options and even adjusted the prices to meet my budget. Thanks to him, I managed to secure a fantastic deal on my purchase.

What struck me most about City Sleep Furniture was not just the wide variety of furniture options, but also the quick and easy delivery service. They ensured that the sofa, loveseat, and coffee table I ordered arrived at my doorstep in no time.

If you're in San Jose and are on the hunt for high-quality furniture with exceptional customer service, I highly recommend you pay a visit to City Sleep Furniture.

Liberty Liquidators

Liberty Liquidators · 970 Chestnut St, San Jose, CA 95110, United States
★★★★☆ · Office furniture store

One of my top spots for furniture shopping in San Jose is Liberty Liquidators. This expansive warehouse is nothing short of a furniture heaven, filled with an impressive array of new and secondhand workstations, cubicles, and a mix of office furnishings.

The first thing that strikes you about this place is the quality. Everything they offer is in great condition and comes with very good prices. On my third visit, I was once again amazed by the multitude of options. It's no exaggeration when I say this place is a treasure trove for anyone seeking quality furniture.

The customer service at Liberty Liquidators is top-notch. Monica and her team are simply the best. On one occasion, there was a slight hiccup on the delivery day due to a truck breakdown. Despite this, they made sure to deliver all of our items on the scheduled day.

The professionalism with which the issue was handled was commendable. Monica made sure to communicate with me throughout the process, ensuring that I was not left in the dark.

Another impressive thing about this place is the variety. They have an extensive range of commercial office furniture, all in great shape and at amazing prices. If you ever need to furnish a space, this is definitely the first place you should check out.

The delivery service is prompt and professional. I would like to give a special shoutout to Hector and Fernando, who helped me set up my new industry-grade standing desk and chair. The prices, too, are great.

In short, Liberty Liquidators is your one-stop-shop for all your furniture needs in San Jose. The combination of high-quality products, reasonable prices, and unmatched customer service makes this place a must-visit. Trust me, you won't be disappointed.

A Treasure Trove at Goodcycle Secondhand Store

Goodcycle Secondhand Store · 2446 Almaden Rd, San Jose, CA 95125, United States
Second hand store

As someone who loves finding hidden gems, I found my visit to the Goodcycle Secondhand Store to be nothing short of a delightful adventure. The store, situated in the heart of San Jose, is a haven for thrift shoppers and vintage lovers alike.

As soon as I stepped into the store, I was blown away by the sheer variety of items available. From vintage furniture to quirky decor pieces, Goodcycle had it all. The best part? The items were not only high in quality but also incredibly affordable.

The store was impeccably clean and well-organized, making it easy to browse through the items. I ended up spending hours exploring the treasures that Goodcycle had to offer. The staff was incredibly friendly and knowledgeable, always ready to lend a hand or share a story behind a particular piece.

One of the things that truly sets Goodcycle apart is its commitment towards repurposing and recycling. It’s more than just a business; it’s a testament to the beauty of giving old items a second life. Knowing that my purchases were contributing to a more sustainable lifestyle made the shopping experience even more rewarding.

In conclusion, the Goodcycle Secondhand Store is a must-visit for anyone looking for unique, affordable items in San Jose. The pleasant shopping environment, friendly staff, and sustainable ethos make it an experience worth repeating.

A Great Office Shopping Experience at QCA Workplace

QCA Workplace · 1345 E Taylor St, San Jose, CA 95133, United States
★★★★★ · Used office furniture store

During my search for office furniture in San Jose, I stumbled upon a gem in the form of QCA Workplace. I was instantly drawn to their fantastic range of office furniture, from desks to chairs and cabinets. It was a delight to find such a wide selection in one place.

The customer service was nothing short of excellent. I was particularly impressed by one staff member, Adelyna, who patiently addressed all of my questions. Choosing between two desks was a tough decision, but she helped me weigh the pros and cons without rushing me. Her knowledge and patience made the shopping experience a breeze.

I was also pleasantly surprised by their prices. Quality office furniture often comes with a hefty price tag, but at the QCA Workplace, you get quality without breaking the bank.

Overall, my experience at the QCA Workplace was extremely positive. The combination of great customer service, quality products, and affordable prices makes this place a go-to for office furniture shopping in San Jose.

A Treasure Trove of Affordable Furnishings - Sure U Save Furniture

Sure U Save Furniture · 1763 Monterey Hwy, San Jose, CA 95112, United States
★★★★☆ · Furniture store

Imagine stumbling upon a hidden gem in the heart of San Jose where you can find high-quality furniture without burning a hole in your pocket! That's exactly what I experienced at Sure U Save Furniture. Located conveniently in our city, this store is a haven for budget-friendly yet stylish furniture.

I remember buying a charming end table and a lamp for my living room here. The prices were unbeatable and the quality, just perfect! What made the experience even more memorable was the excellent customer service I received from John. He was incredibly helpful and ensured I found exactly what I was looking for.

Over the years, I've been a regular at Sure U Save Furniture and they've never let me down. The store offers a delivery and setup service which has always been timely and efficient, making the entire process hassle-free. What's more, their affordability has been consistent, making it my go-to place for all my furniture needs.

Another aspect worth mentioning is that Sure U Save Furniture is not just about affordability, but also about offering a wide range of products. I've found pieces here that I haven't seen anywhere else, making my home unique and reflective of my personal style. So, if you're on the lookout for affordable, quality furniture in San Jose, do pay a visit to Sure U Save Furniture. I guarantee you won't be disappointed!

A Treasure Trove at Habitat for Humanity ReStore San Jose

Habitat for Humanity ReStore San Jose · 1608 Las Plumas Ave, San Jose, CA 95133, United States
★★★★☆ · Home improvement store

Stepping into the Habitat for Humanity ReStore in San Jose is akin to embarking on a treasure hunt, with the promise of finding hidden gems amidst a sea of furniture and home decor items. I've frequently been blown away by the sheer variety and quality of the merchandise.

From first-class furniture that's surprisingly affordable to innovative building materials, this store is a haven for those looking to furnish their homes with a touch of uniqueness.

The staff is another highlight; they're not just employees. They're more like friendly guides, always ready to assist you in navigating through the diverse inventory. The ambience too is a bonus. The building itself is a marvel, sparking ideas of invention as you walk through the aisles.

During one of my visits, I found some really nice pieces at insane prices. It was an absolute joy to shop there. But remember, the inventory is ever-changing, so every visit is a new adventure! Whether you're a seasoned thrift shopper or a novice, Habitat for Humanity ReStore San Jose is definitely a place to explore.

A Stress-Free Shopping Experience at Factory Direct Furniture

Factory Direct Furniture · 1780 Old Bayshore Hwy G, San Jose, CA 95112, United States
★★★★☆ · Furniture store

One day, after experiencing buyer's remorse from a large chain furniture store, I stumbled upon Factory Direct Furniture in San Jose. Immediately, I noticed the store's relaxed atmosphere and the friendly staff, ready to help. I met Randy, who was incredibly helpful and turned my shopping experience into a stress-free one.

I was searching for the perfect couch and loveseat, and Randy made sure I found exactly what I wanted at a fantastic price. The delivery and setup process was also flawless, making the overall experience even better. I was so impressed with the service and the quality of furniture that I decided to support this local family business instead of the large chains.

On another visit, I had the pleasure of meeting Mike and his son, who couldn't have been kinder. They provided great deals, beating full retail prices, and their furniture was of excellent quality. I ended up purchasing a dining set within minutes, thrilled with the price and the design.

So, if you're in the San Jose area and need new furniture, don't waste your time elsewhere. Factory Direct Furniture offers traditional and contemporary pieces for every room in the house, and their customer service is unbeatable. You won't regret giving this local family-owned business a chance.

The Versatile Variety of San Jose Warehouse Furniture

San Jose Warehouse Furniture · 1065 S 5th St, San Jose, CA 95112, United States
★★★★☆ · Furniture store

As I walked into San Jose Warehouse Furniture, the vast and varietal selection immediately caught my eye. The store was filled wall-to-wall with an array of furniture, perfect for anyone looking to furnish their home or office. A kind woman, who was very informative, was there to answer all my questions, making it a terrific shopping experience.

I remember distinctly when I was in need of a recliner for my injured girlfriend. Tony, one of the staff members, was extremely helpful. He guided me to the perfect recliner that exactly fit my need. His friendly demeanor made the shopping trip all the more pleasant.

However, my journey with San Jose Warehouse Furniture didn't just stop at buying. When I purchased a couch, I found it uncomfortable once I received it. I decided to return it and although there was a restocking and transportation fee, they offered me a generous store credit. This experience taught me the importance of trying before buying and the store was understanding enough to accommodate my needs.

So, if you're in the San Jose area and need some new furniture, give San Jose Warehouse Furniture a visit. Their vast selection, friendly staff, and understanding customer service make them a reliable choice.

Discovering Gems at What A Room

What A Room · 111 E Brokaw Rd, San Jose, CA 95112, United States
★★★★☆ · Furniture store

After exploring several furniture stores, I stumbled upon What A Room. As soon as I stepped in, it felt different from the other stores I'd visited. The staff greeted me warmly, their friendliness genuine without being intrusive. They were patient, answering my queries only when I was ready and guiding me through their extensive catalog.

I fell in love with a floor model they had on display, and they were kind enough to help fix a couple of minor issues it had. The level of customer service was exceptional, making me wish I could give them more than just a five-star rating.

On a different visit, I was on the hunt for a perfect couch. It had to be the right style, material, and color – a combination I was struggling to find elsewhere. But, What A Room didn't disappoint.

They helped me customize a couch to my liking, and within three weeks, my dream couch was delivered to my home. There was a little hiccup with the measurements, but Duy and the team at What A Room went above and beyond to help me out. They modified the couch into two sectional pieces that lock together, and in another week and a half, I had my couch at home.

Each visit to What A Room was a pleasant experience. The showroom is filled with samples of customizable couch styles and other furniture pieces. I never felt pressured; it was a relaxed and comfortable shopping experience.

Whether you're looking for a single piece of furniture or planning to furnish an entire room, I highly recommend visiting What A Room for their excellent customer service, vast selection, and competitive prices.

B T Express Liquidators

B T Express Liquidators · 1746 Junction Ave Units A-D, San Jose, CA 95112, United States
★★★★★ · Office furniture store

For those in need of office furniture, B T Express Liquidators is a gold mine. When my wife landed her new job, we were tasked with finding suitable furniture for our home office. The online prices were quite steep and we were almost discouraged until a friend suggested B T Express Liquidators. The moment we set foot in their expansive showroom, we realized we had hit the jackpot.

The variety was impressive, from desks and chairs to file cabinets and shop benches, and the pieces were both new and secondhand. The prices were surprisingly fair and reasonable. We were able to pick up a spacious desk replete with drawers, a comfortable office chair, and a handy varidesk without breaking our budget.

The customer service was commendable. The staff were kind, accommodating, and most importantly, they ensured we had a positive shopping experience. They were knowledgeable and helped us make informed decisions.

I was so impressed that when I opened my third location, I made sure to get all my shop benches and office furniture from B T Express Liquidators.

I can't stress enough how wonderful the selection and customer service are at B T Express Liquidators. If you're in need of office furniture, I highly recommend checking them out. They stand out as one of the best used furniture stores in San Jose, CA, and you won't regret it.

Cisco Office Liquidators

Cisco Office Liquidators · 64 Barnard Ave, San Jose, CA 95112, United States
★★★★★ · Used office furniture store

Following a recommendation, I decided to give Cisco Office Liquidators a visit - and boy, was I impressed. Right away, I was greeted with a vast selection of office furniture in excellent condition, which was a pleasant surprise considering they are all secondhand pieces.

I was on the hunt for a new office chair for my apartment, and the staff, particularly Uriel, were extremely helpful and professional throughout the process. They allowed me to try out several options and patiently answered all my questions. I was thrilled when I finally picked the most comfortable chair - a brand new Steelcase Amia at a great price.

What I loved most about the experience was the lack of pressure to make a purchase. They encouraged me to take my time and ensure that I was entirely satisfied with the choice I was making.

The Steelcase Amia wasn't the only gem I found. I also picked up two Herman Miller Sayls chairs in fantastic condition, another testament to the quality of their inventory.

If you're looking to upgrade your office furniture without breaking the bank, I can't recommend Cisco Office Liquidators enough. Their vast array of high-quality, affordable options will leave you spoilt for choice. Plus, their stellar customer service will make the shopping process a breeze.

A Gem in the Heart of the City: Advantage Office Solutions Inc.

Advantage Office Solutions Inc. · 2023 O’Toole Ave, San Jose, CA 95131, United States
★★★★★ · Used office furniture store

From the hustle and bustle of city life, I stumbled upon a haven of high-quality office solutions - Advantage Office Solutions Inc. This place has everything you need, from ergonomically designed chairs to spacious cubicles, all at great prices. My first visit here was driven by an urgent need for cubicles for my cluttered office in the central valley area.

I shared my space's measurements and color scheme with Christina, the owner, and her response left me awe-struck. She quickly churned out a drawing showing how the cubicles would look and fit, along with a surprisingly low price quote.

The delivery was prompt, and the team was a godsend. They skillfully assembled the cubicles, and to my delight, they looked as good as new. The cubicles fit perfectly in my small office, seamlessly blending with my existing color scheme. The best part? Christina surprised me with an added bonus. I must admit, I fell in love with this place and Christina's professionalism.

On a separate visit, I found myself enticed by a chair that I didn't buy on the spot. Much to my surprise, when I returned a few weeks later, Christina had held it for me in the back, a gesture that warmed my heart.

Whether it's chairs, desks, or cubicles, Advantage Office Solutions Inc. offers a pressure-free environment to choose the best for your needs. Their commitment to customer satisfaction and their COVID-compliant measures makes them stand out as a jewel in the city. It's not just about changing your space, but also about changing your life for the better.

A Unique Experience at Walter's Furniture

Walter’s Furniture · 1590 Berryessa Rd, San Jose, CA 95133, United States
★★☆☆☆ · Furniture store

As I stepped into Walter's Furniture, I was immediately struck by the vast inventory of furniture pieces. The variety of items on display was indeed a sight to behold. The rich diversity of furniture styles, from antique dressers to modern sofas, was fascinating. Each piece seemed to hold a story of its own, making each visit to the store a unique exploration.

One day, I found myself in a bit of a disappointment when a piece I had my eye on was sold earlier in the day. However, the moment of disappointment quickly turned into a joyful surprise as I found myself surrounded by equally enticing alternatives. I ended up buying other items that day, and I couldn't be happier with my purchase.

The staff at Walter's Furniture were amiable and knowledgeable, their friendly demeanor made the shopping experience enjoyable. They were always ready to assist and guide, making the customer feel valued. It's not just about selling furniture; they genuinely care about their customers and are dedicated to providing excellent service.

Whether you're on the hunt for a replacement piece, redecorating, or just browsing, Walter's Furniture is definitely worth a visit. It's more than just a furniture store; it's a beacon of hope for those of us on a tight budget and a testament to great service and value.

A Vintage Odyssey at NEW/FOUND MARKET

NEW/FOUND MARKET · 998 The Alameda, San Jose, CA 95126, United States
★★★★★ · Antique store

My journey through San Jose’s finest furniture stores led me to the unique and captivating NEW/FOUND MARKET. The moment I stepped into this place, I was taken aback by the fantastic selection of vintage furniture and home decor. It was like walking into a different era, an era of well-crafted furniture and timeless designs.

The items at NEW/FOUND MARKET were not the usual fare you'd find at a typical thrift store. Each piece was in great condition, and the store was devoid of any "junk" usually associated with second-hand shops. The items were displayed quite attractively, and there were complete sets with minimal mixing and matching of missing pieces.

One thing that struck me was the staff's friendliness and helpfulness. They were always ready to assist and even let me know about the items they had back stocked. On one of my visits, I picked up an awesome mid-century chair and some fantastic decorations. The prices were reasonable, considering the quality and condition of the items.

If you're specifically looking for mid-century items, NEW/FOUND MARKET is the place to be. It specializes in this style, and there’s a high concentration of exquisite items. And if you're concerned about visiting during these COVID times, rest assured that they’re doing a great job of keeping the place clean and respecting social distancing practices.

My visits to NEW/FOUND MARKET have been nothing short of amazing. I can't wait to return and see what new pieces they have in stock. The store is indeed a gem in the heart of San Jose, and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for unique, well-preserved vintage furniture.

Best Furniture

Best Furniture · 2298 Quimby Rd Suite E, San Jose, CA 95122, United States
★★★★☆ · Furniture store

My journey for the perfect furniture in San Jose led me to a store with an apt name, Best Furniture. The feeling of warmth and welcome hit me the moment I stepped foot inside. The owner, Cristine, was not just pleasant to talk to, but she also made sure that my experience was nothing short of the best.

I remember the first time I walked into the store with my girlfriend. We were on the hunt for a comfortable sectional couch. Sam, one of the employees, was extremely patient, taking us through the various options available. We ended up settling on a beautiful piece by Jonathan Louis and managed to negotiate a fair price. The cherry on top was the July 4th deal that offered us free shipping!

What I really appreciated about Best Furniture was their willingness to negotiate prices. This isn't something you find in every store. Over time, I've purchased several pieces from them and have even referred my family and friends.

The quality of their pieces is top-notch, and the customer service is unparalleled. Whether it's a small piece or a large sectional, Best Furniture has always been my go-to place in San Jose.

Discovering Affordable Luxury at Lucky Furniture

Lucky Furniture · 570 Parrott St, San Jose, CA 95112, United States
★★★★☆ · Furniture store

Stepping into Lucky Furniture was like uncovering a treasure trove of different furniture styles, all at reasonable prices. It quickly became my first stop whenever I needed new furniture for my home. The selection was vast, and I was always pleased to find an array of styles that catered to my varying tastes.

The service was nothing short of exceptional. The staff were not only accommodating but also took the time to provide good deals that were hard to resist. Every visit was a pleasant experience, and it seemed like they genuinely cared about meeting my furniture needs.

With Lucky Furniture, I learned that finding good furniture doesn't always have to break the bank. It's a place where luxury meets affordability, and I couldn't be more satisfied with the pieces I've purchased.

If you're in San Jose and in need of new furniture, I highly recommend giving Lucky Furniture a visit. You never know what you'll find, but one thing's for sure, you'll walk out feeling lucky.

A Unique Experience at Unique Furniture

Unique Furniture · 2250 Monterey Hwy #6022, San Jose, CA 95112, United States
★★★★☆ · Furniture store

In my quest for finding the perfect bedroom set for my new studio in San Joaquin Valley, I stumbled upon Unique Furniture. Nestled in the heart of San Jose, this place is a treasure trove of remarkable furnishings.

Upon entering, I was greeted by Tri, a friendly and knowledgeable staff member who showed me a variety of bedroom sets. I found one that I really liked, but I wanted my husband to see it first. So, I decided to return the next day.

I was pleasantly surprised by how quick and easy the approval process was. The customer service was exceptional, with the staff going out of their way to help me find what I was looking for. They showed me around, helping me choose the perfect pieces for my studio.

However, what stood out to me was the distinct feeling that they genuinely cared about their customers. I've been to many furniture stores before, but none of them offered the same level of personal attention and care that I received at Unique Furniture.

Ultimately, I was unable to complete my purchase at Unique Furniture due to some payment issues. But that doesn't take away from the impressive selection and excellent customer service I experienced. If you're in the market for unique and quality furniture in San Jose, I highly recommend stopping by Unique Furniture.


Wrapping up my journey through the used furniture stores in San Jose, CA, I can confidently say that this city is a gold mine for unique, high-quality, and affordable furniture pieces. Each store has its own charm and unique selection, catering to a wide variety of tastes and budgets.

Whether you're looking for office furniture, home essentials, or unique pieces to add character to your space, San Jose's used furniture scene has got you covered. So why wait? Start exploring these stores and you might just find the perfect piece you've been searching for. Happy furniture hunting!