8 Best Used Furniture Stores in Madison, WI

Aug 23, 2023
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Best Used Furniture Stores in Madison, WI

If you're in Madison, WI and in the market for unique, quality, and affordable used furniture, then you're in luck! Madison is home to a variety of used furniture stores that cater to all tastes and budgets. From mid-century modern pieces to rustic farmhouse styles, the city's second-hand furniture scene is a treasure trove just waiting to be discovered.

Whether you're furnishing your first apartment, looking for a statement piece to complete your living room, or simply love the thrill of finding a great deal, these used furniture stores in Madison, WI are sure to deliver. Not sure where to start? Don't worry! We've curated a comprehensive list of the best used furniture stores in Madison.

Get ready to be inspired, find incredible pieces at amazing prices, and discover the joy of second-hand shopping in Madison!

A Hidden Gem: Slumberland Furniture

Slumberland Furniture · 2201 E Springs Dr, Madison, WI 53704, United States
★★★★★ · Furniture store

One of the most memorable stores I've visited is Slumberland Furniture. Imagine a place where you not only find a variety of furniture, mattresses, and home accent pieces, but also a team that's genuinely invested in helping you find what you need. This was my experience at Slumberland Furniture, a hidden gem in Madison.

I once found myself in pursuit of a hard-to-find older style glider rocker chair. I reached out to the team at Slumberland, and Mariah, one of their staff members, responded promptly with a find in the clearance area.

She went the extra mile, providing pictures and measurements. When I visited the store, Kristi, another team member, assisted me in Mariah's absence. The friendly staff even dismantled the chair into two pieces and helped me put it in my car, saving me the delivery charge. In the end, not only did I find the chair I was looking for, but I also got $75 off the price.

On another occasion, I found myself shopping for a mattress. The team, particularly Holly, was knowledgeable about the different options and helped me make an informed decision.

Although I later realized that the adjustable power base was not returnable, the overall experience was pleasant. I was assured of a three-year guarantee on the power base. Despite this small hiccup, the assurance and customer service at Slumberland Furniture were commendable.

Finally, I recall shopping for a lift chair with heat and massage. After exploring several options, Slumberland offered the best product at a great price. The salesperson was helpful, and the pick-up process was smooth with detailed instructions on how to set it up.

In my experience, Slumberland Furniture is a treasure trove of quality pieces with a team that truly cares about its customers. If you're ever in Madison, I highly recommend checking it out.

Slumberland Furniture

Bob’s Discount Furniture and Mattress Store · 2420 E Springs Dr, Madison, WI 53704, United States
★★★★★ · Furniture store

A hop, skip, and a jump away from Slumberland Furniture, you'll find another gem in Madison's furniture scene: Bob's Discount Furniture and Mattress Store. I had the pleasure of dealing with Sam, a sales expert at Bob's, during my recent visit. His friendly demeanor, combined with his knowledge and attentiveness, made my furniture shopping experience an absolute breeze.

What really set Sam apart was his ability to listen and understand my specific needs. He wasn't just trying to sell me furniture; he was genuinely interested in making sure I got the right items that fit my lifestyle and budget. It was truly a personalized service that I highly appreciated.

I was also pleasantly taken aback by their selection of bed frames. While I wasn't a fan of some of the large upholstered pieces on display, I recognized that it was more a matter of taste than a fault on their part. And despite this minor hiccup, I found their range to be quite impressive, especially for someone shopping on a budget like me.

Another highlight of my visit was the transparency about their delivery process. Zak, another staff member, was extremely helpful and provided me with all the necessary information. It made me feel more at ease knowing exactly what to expect.

But it wasn't just about the top-notch customer service. The quality of the products is commendable, too. The furniture is well-made, stylish, and—true to their name—affordable. Whether you're looking for a specific piece or simply want to browse, I can't recommend Bob's Discount Furniture and Mattress Store enough. It was, hands down, one of the easiest and most satisfying furniture purchases I've ever made.

American Freight Furniture, Mattress, Appliance

American Freight Furniture, Mattress, Appliance · 3674 Kinsman Blvd, Madison, WI 53704, United States
★★★★★ · Furniture store

Let me share with you the time I visited American Freight Furniture, Mattress, Appliance in Madison. Known for its wide range of furniture, mattresses, and home accessories, the store offers quality and style at affordable prices. I remember I was in search of a new bedroom set and this place did not disappoint.

The moment I walked in, the friendly staff, especially Shijuan, greeted me warmly. He was very helpful and attentive to my needs. I was quite particular about what I wanted, but he was patient and understanding. He went out of his way to ensure the merchandise I selected was available and even assisted in loading it into my vehicle.

On a different occasion, I had to order a couch and loveseat which were on back order. When it was time for pick-up, my set was not there. But no worries, Angel stepped in, and offered me a better set which I absolutely fell in love with. It was such a wonderful surprise and a testament to the exceptional customer service at this store.

Another time, I found myself in a bit of a bind with my furniture arrangement. Luckily, Mitch was there to save the day. He was resourceful, helpful, and provided the best customer service I've experienced in a long time.

All in all, my experiences at American Freight Furniture, Mattress, Appliance have been nothing short of exceptional. The staff's friendly demeanor, coupled with the variety of quality products make it a go-to destination for anyone in Madison looking for great furniture at a discount price.

The Century House

The Century House · 3029 University Ave, Madison, WI 53705, United States
★★★★★ · Furniture store

The moment I stepped into The Century House, I was enthralled by the modern Scandinavian furniture, lighting, decor, and accessories. My eyes were immediately drawn to the beautiful Jaymar modular reclining leather sofa. I decided to purchase it, and the delivery and set up was on time and incredibly professional. A minor problem developed later that day, but the dedicated crew made a special trip back to make things right.

The Century House didn't stop impressing me there. My two sofas arrived three months before the predicted date! The salesperson was friendly, polite, and helpful in making decisions and presenting all options.

The delivery was again, great, on time, fast, and professional. There was a small issue with one of the sofa’s arm not being properly assembled, but the store promptly addressed it and sent a technician to fix it in no time.

Over the years, I've bought a number of items from The Century House and have always been satisfied. Recently, I purchased a desk and the team went out of their way to get it to me as quickly as possible. They even drove it over to my house! The Century House is a testament to excellent service and outstanding quality products. I look forward to many more visits and purchases from this remarkable store.

Discovering Hidden Gems at Furnish 123

Furnish 123 · 2002 S Stoughton Rd, Madison, WI 53716, United States
★★★☆☆ · Furniture store

One of my favorite haunts when it comes to finding unique furniture in Madison is Furnish 123. Nestled in a quaint corner of the city, this store has an uncanny knack for making every trip seem like a new adventure.

The moment I stepped into the store, the variety of furniture and the manner in which they were displayed, caught my attention. The staff, always attentive and engaging, took the time to chat about each piece, its history, and how it might fit into my home. They offered a variety of payment methods, making the whole shopping process incredibly convenient.

One of my prized finds at Furnish 123 was a vintage dining table set with six chairs. It was love at first sight, but the set was too big for my trunk. Without hesitation, one of the staff members offered to deliver it himself. True to his word, he was at my doorstep the next day, table and chairs in tow, right on time.

Furnish 123 is more than just a store. It's a place where you can find unique items, get honest and helpful service, and have a fantastic local shopping experience. It's clear that others in the city feel the same way, as I've heard numerous glowing reviews from others who've had the pleasure of discovering this gem. So, if you're in Madison, give Furnish 123 a visit; you never know what treasures you'll find!

A Crafted Experience at Kevin Earley Furniture Design

Kevin Earley Furniture Design · 1231 E Wilson St, Madison, WI 53703, United States
★★★★★ · Furniture store

If you're seeking a uniquely crafted furniture experience in Madison, a visit to Kevin Earley Furniture Design is a must. I remember stepping into the store for the first time, immediately captivated by the array of exceptional pieces that filled the room. The beauty of craftsmanship in every piece of furniture here is truly remarkable.

As I walked around, I found myself drawn to a mid-century style coffee table. The finesse in its design was absolutely stunning. I knew right then that this piece was coming home with me. I also found a couple of nightstands that matched perfectly with my bedroom decor. The beauty of this place is that you can find something that fits your taste, whether it's modern, classic, or somewhere in between.

The staff here, particularly the owner Kevin, are a delight to interact with. What stands out is their deep knowledge and passion for furniture design. They were more than willing to guide me through my purchase, ensuring that I was completely satisfied with my choice.

I've since returned to Kevin Earley Furniture Design multiple times, each visit leaving me more in love with their collection than the last. This local gem is, without doubt, my favorite furniture store in Madison.

Unearthing Hidden Gems at Habitat ReStore - West

Habitat ReStore - West · 6201 Odana Rd, Madison, WI 53719, United States
★★★★★ · Home improvement store

My first visit to Habitat ReStore - West was like stepping into an enchanting treasure trove. The vast array of assorted items is a sight to behold and every visit promises a new discovery. If you're restoring an old home, this place is your dream come true. They carry items that are hard to find elsewhere, adding to the allure of the experience.

The staff at Habitat ReStore - West is nothing short of delightful. Their kindness and helpfulness made my shopping experience a breeze. They were more than willing to assist and their knowledge about the items in the store was genuinely impressive.

On one of my visits, I was particularly taken by some of the unique pieces they had for old homes. It was evident that the store is committed to providing quality items for their customers. This level of dedication to quality and customer service is something that sets Habitat ReStore - West apart from other furniture stores in Madison.

So, whether you're looking for a unique piece to add to your home or you're in the process of restoring an older property, I highly recommend a visit to Habitat ReStore - West. It's a shopping experience that's sure to leave a lasting impression.

Rubin's Furniture

Rubin’s Furniture · 2300 Badger Ln, Madison, WI 53713, United States
★★★★★ · Furniture store

From the moment I stepped into Rubin's Furniture, I knew I was in for a special treat. The welcoming atmosphere of this showroom is filled with an eclectic mix of contemporary and midcentury-inspired furniture that can transform any space into a stylish haven. And let me tell you about the service - it's top-notch!

I remember my first visit; I was warmly greeted by Barb, a staff member who was genuinely interested in understanding my needs. After years of searching for the perfect table and chair set, I had almost given up, but Rubin's had options for me. Barb was extremely patient and even offered to visit my home to help decide on colors that would work with my existing decor. Talk about dedication!

After three trips to the showroom, I finally found the perfect set of furniture for my dining area. Barb was by my side throughout the entire journey, ensuring every detail was just right. This was a big decision and investment, and she made sure I got something I would love. The best part? There was no sales pressure whatsoever, just guidance, and encouragement.

I've also bought a few other items from Rubin's, including a custom-ordered mirror. The process was smooth, and the sales rep provided all the necessary information for placing the order. The result? A unique piece that adds a touch of elegance to my living room.

And let's not forget about the delivery day - it's always exciting! The anticipation of seeing the custom pieces come to life in my home is thrilling. And, of course, the quality of the furniture is exceptional. Each piece is designed with meticulous attention to detail and crafted to last, making every family meal a special memory.

Over the years, I've continued to shop at Rubin's, and I can confidently say that my home is all the better for it. So if you're in Madison and in need of some unique, quality furniture, I highly recommend stopping by Rubin's Furniture.

Wrapping Up The Madison Furniture Hunt

From hidden treasures in thrift stores to finely crafted offerings in furniture boutiques, Madison, WI, truly is a used furniture haven. The city boasts a rich medley of stores, each with its own unique charm and selection that caters to a broad spectrum of styles and budgets. Not only did I unearth incredible finds, but I also enjoyed the thrill of the hunt, the joy of discovery, and the satisfaction of giving pre-loved furniture a new home.

What makes the Madison furniture scene truly stand out is not just the quality and variety of the pieces on offer, but the stories behind them. Each store has a tale to tell, often intertwined with the community, sustainability, and the joy of giving. Shopping for used furniture in Madison is not just a transaction, it's an experience.

So whether you're a Madison local or a visitor, I highly recommend setting off on your own furniture hunt. You never know what gems you might discover in the heart of Wisconsin. And remember, each piece of furniture has a story to tell. So why not add a chapter to that story in your own home?