12 Best Used Furniture Stores in Indio, CA

Aug 22, 2023
14 min read
Best Used Furniture Stores in Indio, CA

Welcome to the ultimate guide to used furniture stores in Indio, CA. As a seasoned resident and expert in the area, I've spent countless hours exploring various stores hunting for that perfect piece of furniture.

Whether you're interested in a vintage find, a modern statement piece, or a budget-friendly option, Indio has got you covered. The city boasts a wide range of used furniture stores, each with its unique charm and selection.

From quaint consignment shops to expansive outlets, this guide will offer a firsthand account of the best places to find quality used furniture in Indio. So, let's dive right into the heart of Indio's used furniture scene and uncover the treasures that await.

A Shopping Spree at Aaron's

Aaron’s · 44680 Jackson St, Indio, CA 92201, United States
★★★★☆ · Furniture store

Imagine walking into a store where the staff treats you like a valued customer and is always ready to cater to your needs. That's exactly the kind of service I received at Aaron's. This store, conveniently located right here in Indio, offers an impressive range of entertainment equipment and furniture settings for both sale and rent. The quality? Medium to above average, making it the perfect place for those with a keen eye for detail.

On my latest visit, I was particularly impressed by their high-end items. I've been a loyal customer for over 18 years and can attest to the fact that they consistently stock the latest and best in furniture and appliances. Just recently, I picked up a new washer and dryer at an excellent price.

But what truly sets Aaron's apart is their commitment to their customers. It's not just about making a sale; it's about building a relationship. The staff, especially Andy, have been incredibly helpful, treating me with kindness and respect. Whether you're a first-time visitor or a regular like me, you'll undoubtedly appreciate the warm, welcoming atmosphere at Aaron's.

A Creative Journey at Thyme to Be Free Design Studio and Furnishings

Thyme to Be Free Design Studio and Furnishings · 46341 Commerce St, Indio, CA 92201, United States
Furniture store

If you’re a fan of unique and artistic designs, then you’ll fall in love with Thyme to Be Free Design Studio and Furnishings. This place is like stepping into a treasure trove of creativity! From the moment I walked in, I was taken by the vast array of unique pieces, each one telling its own story.

I especially appreciated the warm and friendly atmosphere. The staff here are not just employees, but artists and designers who are passionate about what they do. And it shows, not just in the beautiful pieces they curate, but in the way they serve their customers. They are always ready to help, guiding you through their collections and helping you find pieces that best suit your style and needs.

One of the highlights of my visit was getting to meet the owner. She is a gem of a person, who has a deep love for art and design. Her passion for her work is infectious, and it reflects in the overall ambiance of the store. She takes the time to walk you through their collections, sharing the stories behind each piece. It's not just about selling furniture, but about sharing a piece of their heart with each customer.

Shopping at Thyme to Be Free Design Studio and Furnishings is not just a shopping experience, it's a journey through art and creativity. And I can't wait to embark on this journey again!

Indio City Furniture

Indio City Furniture · 82126 US Highway 111, 82126 CA-111, Indio, CA 92201, United States
★★★★★ · Furniture store

Stepping into Indio City Furniture, I was struck by the impressive range of furniture pieces on display. I was on a mission to update my furniture and had my eyes set on a sleeper sofa, a pair of recliner chairs, and a kitchen table suite.

Luckily, I found Mike, who was not just a salesman but a true furniture connoisseur. He guided me through the selection process, helping me pick out the perfect table set. What impressed me most was that he even managed to get me a great bundle deal, helping me save a considerable amount of money.

Although my furniture took a little longer than expected to arrive, Mike ensured it was delivered as promptly as possible, making the wait worth it. The quality of the furniture was uncompromising, and the delivery team was careful with handling and placement. The team's professionalism and Mike's commitment to customer satisfaction truly stood out during this process.

My experience with Indio City Furniture was such a success that I've referred several friends here. So, if you're in the market for new furniture, I'd recommend stopping by Indio City Furniture first. I can assure you, you won't be disappointed.

Mathis Outlet

Mathis Outlet · 81334 CA-111, Indio, CA 92201, United States
★★★★★ · Furniture store

Want to know the secret to finding exceptional pieces at bargain prices? It's all in knowing the right places to look. And for me, one such place is the Mathis Outlet in Indio. This store is my personal paradise for finding high-quality furniture at outlet prices.

As soon as I walked into the store, I was greeted by Aaron, a sales agent, who was eager to assist me. He asked all the right questions about the size and color of the furniture I was looking for, and his pleasant demeanor made the shopping experience enjoyable. I remember leaving the store without making a purchase right away, but Aaron handed me his business card and wished me a good day.

After shopping around a bit more, I decided to return to Mathis Outlet. Aaron was ready at the door and made the purchase process seamless and very affordable. Andy, the manager, was there to answer a few questions and offered impeccable service. I was so impressed by Aaron and Andy's customer service that I decided to get the protection plan for my new couch.

Another time, I was looking for the perfect sectional, and Cayla Collins, another sales rep, went above and beyond to help me. She was always on top of everything, from taking measurements to ordering additional pieces. Her warm and easy-going personality made me feel reassured and comfortable.

So, if you're in the market for new furniture, I highly recommend visiting the Mathis Outlet. Trust me, you won't be disappointed!

Amazing Rental Experience at Rent-A-Center

Rent-A-Center · 82144 CA-111, Indio, CA 92201, United States
★★★☆☆ · Furniture store

Rent-A-Center in Indio, California, is more than just a store. It's a place where customer satisfaction is paramount, and the staff go to great lengths to ensure your furniture rental experience is smooth and hassle-free. My experience with them was nothing short of exceptional.

The salesperson who assisted me was genuinely nice and quite diligent. Although there was a misunderstanding regarding the delivery versus pick-up options, he was quick to clarify and offer a solution. I could tell that he was trying his best amidst the challenging situation, which I appreciated.

Then there's Marlon. I have to say, Marlon really went the extra mile for my family and me. We had signed a contract to pay on a certain day but unfortunately couldn't meet the deadline. Marlon was understanding and worked with us to ensure we kept our refrigerator. His professionalism and kindness were commendable.

The Rent-A-Center store in Indio is more than just a place to rent furniture; it's a place where people care about your needs. I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a seamless furniture rental experience.

A Royal Experience at King's Furniture

King’s Furniture · 45781 Fargo St, Indio, CA 92201, United States
★★★★☆ · Furniture store

Drenched in sunlight, I took my first steps into King's Furniture on a sunny afternoon. The store's selection of contemporary and modern home furnishings caught my eye immediately, and I felt like a king surveying his domain. I had the pleasure of interacting with Anna, whose service and advice were nothing short of royal. Her knowledge of the products and willingness to assist left me feeling satisfied and well-informed.

King's Furniture is also a place of delightful surprises. Their gorgeous attention and beautiful furniture made me feel like I was shopping with friends. Their dedication to customer satisfaction was evident in every interaction.

The owner's fabulous persona added a personal touch to the shopping experience, making it feel more like a visit to a friend's home than a retail store. All in all, King's Furniture left an indelible mark on me, and I can't wait to revisit this little kingdom of furniture wonders.

A Bargain Hunter's Paradise: Appliance Furniture Shop

Appliance Furniture Shop · 83210 Ave 44, Indio, CA 92201, United States
★★★★☆ · Furniture store

Nestled in the heart of Indio is a hidden gem, the Appliance Furniture Shop, a paradise for bargain hunters like me. The first thing that struck me was the warm, welcoming atmosphere, a clear reflection of the wonderful family that runs this store. Not only does this place boast a vast array of household appliances, but it also has a unique charm that makes it stand out from the crowd.

I remember walking in with my husband to look for a new dryer for our home. The staff were wonderfully attentive, engaging us in conversation about each appliance's features without being intrusive. Their service was top-notch, and their prices? The cheapest in the whole valley! To our delight, we found the perfect dryer, and the deal was unbeatable.

What really touched me was their commitment to customer satisfaction. They were quick to help us with our purchase and answer any questions we had. There's a certain pleasure in knowing that you're supporting a family business that values and appreciates its customers.

I've since recommended the Appliance Furniture Shop to many of my friends and neighbors. After all, why go elsewhere when you can get great deals and excellent service right here in Indio? This place truly is an awesome find for anyone looking to furnish their home without breaking the bank.

A Luxurious Shopping Experience at Mathis Home

Mathis Home · 81410 CA-111, Indio, CA 92201, United States
★★★★★ · Furniture store

Stepping into Mathis Home felt like entering a luxurious home design magazine. The store's expansive display of home furniture immediately caught my attention. I spent several hours, assisted by the designer Sugey Fernandez, roaming the large store to find the perfect pieces for my living room, den, and patio. I appreciated how Sugey made the shopping experience personalized and less overwhelming with her helpful advice on fabric and color choices.

One of the highlights of my trip to Mathis Home was the opportunity to lower a hanging rug onto the floor to compare colors. This level of customer interaction is something I've never experienced before. I was also pleasantly surprised at some of the high-end items that they carry, making Mathis Home a go-to place for quality furniture.

On another occasion, my wife and I were greeted by Ruth, a very friendly and accommodating staff member. Ruth assisted us in finding the perfect dining table set for our home. Her welcoming demeanor and efficiency made the shopping experience enjoyable and stress-free.

In addition to the main store, I also visited the Mathis Outlet. Alejandro, an associate at the Outlet, was incredibly helpful and respectful. Unlike other furniture stores where salespeople can be pushy, Alejandro maintained a perfect balance of availability and space, making our shopping experience at Mathis Home even more enjoyable.

In conclusion, the excellent service, impressive range of high-end items, and the warm and welcoming staff make Mathis Home a must-visit for anyone looking to buy home furniture in Indio, CA.

The Hidden Gem: Furniture Liquidations and Overstock

Furniture Liquidations and Overstock · 80975 Indio Blvd Unit A-30, Indio, CA 92201, United States
★★★★★ · Furniture store

Stepping into Furniture Liquidations and Overstock was like walking into a world of endless possibilities for my home. The service was a class apart with Peter, the owner, personally attending to my needs. This wasn't just an ordinary furniture store, it was a family-run business that took immense pride in its honesty and service.

I was able to choose from a range of high-quality furniture that perfectly aligned with my tastes. Despite the pandemic pushing back the delivery times, Peter was always in communication, keeping me well-informed about the status of my order. I was especially impressed by the punctuality of the delivery.

The vast selection of furniture, both at the store and online, was astounding. The store had something to cater to every style and taste. It's not just a local business, but an essential part of the community that deserves all the support it can get. I can't wait to return to Furniture Liquidations and Overstock for my next home improvement project!

Unearthing Deals at Desert Discount Furniture

Desert Discount Furniture · 81666 CA-111, Indio, CA 92201, United States
★★★★☆ · Furniture store

My next stop was Desert Discount Furniture, an oasis of affordable and stylish furniture in the heart of Indio. My experience was beyond amazing! I ordered a full bedroom set on a Wednesday, and by Friday, they had set everything up in my room. The team was incredibly fast, efficient, and they even cleaned up after themselves. I was left with a beautiful, fully furnished bedroom and a clean house.

Desert Discount Furniture is not just a store; it's a testament to the power of supporting local valley businesses that genuinely care about their customers. On my visit, I was greeted by Roman, the store owner. He was very caring and attentive to my needs and my budget. He helped me navigate their wide range of furniture, full of varying styles and trends, all for excellent prices.

However, I must add that communication can be a bit of a challenge if you're not a Spanish speaker. On one occasion, I couldn't find an English-speaking staff member to assist me. But this minor hiccup doesn't take away from the overall positive experience. With great deals, a wide variety of furniture, and a team that goes above and beyond for their customers, Desert Discount Furniture is a must-visit for anyone looking to furnish their homes in Indio.

A Treasure Trove at Desert Furniture & Consignment

Desert Furniture & Consignment · 80250 CA-111 B, Indio, CA 92201, United States
★★★★★ · Consignment shop

Every time I step into Desert Furniture & Consignment, I am instantly greeted by an array of beautiful pieces that seem to be whispering stories of their past lives. It's a place where high-quality consignments are offered at the most reasonable prices, making it quite a hidden gem in the heart of Indio.

The moment I walk in, I am always met with a warm welcome from Pattie. She never fails to make every customer feel special and always seems to know what they're looking for. Her passion for the shop and her customers is palpable and adds a unique charm to the entire shopping experience.

It's not just the warm welcome that brings me back time and again, but also the quality and variety of the furniture. Each visit to the store feels like a new adventure. I've shopped all over the valley, but I always end up finding the most beautiful pieces right here. The selection is diverse, ranging from classic to contemporary, ensuring everyone can find something to suit their taste.

One of the best parts of shopping at Desert Furniture & Consignment is the excitement of discovering new and interesting items every time I walk through the door. The inventory is always changing, keeping things fresh and exciting. I've found myself pleasantly surprised on more than one occasion, stumbling upon a piece that I didn't even know I needed until I saw it.

If you're in Indio and you're looking for high-end consignments at reasonable prices, I highly recommend taking a trip to Desert Furniture & Consignment. It's not just a shop, it's a treasure trove waiting to be explored.

Discover the Majesty at King's Court Furniture

Kings Court Furniture · 83888 Avenue 45, Indio, CA 92201, United States
Furniture store

Stepping into King's Court Furniture was like entering an Aladdin’s cave filled with treasures. Set at the heart of Indio, this place truly is a kingdom of high-quality furniture.

As soon as I walked in, the wide range of furniture styles captivated me. Their collection seamlessly blends the classic with the modern, making it a paradise for anyone searching for unique pieces to accentuate their home decor.

I remember asking a question about a particular furniture piece, and the staff was more than happy to assist. Their knowledge and expertise were evident, making my shopping experience smooth and enjoyable. The level of customer service at King's Court Furniture is top-notch.

The quality of their furniture cannot be overstated. Each piece I examined was sturdy and well-crafted, reflecting the store's commitment to providing only the best for its customers.

King's Court Furniture is a must-visit for anyone in Indio looking for quality furnishings. Whether you're redesigning your entire home or simply looking to add a statement piece, you're bound to find something that suits your style and budget in this furniture kingdom.


As the sun sets on our furniture store journey in Indio, CA, the memories of unique finds, bargain deals, and exceptional customer services still linger. From the high-end selections at Mathis Outlet to the exceptional deals at Appliance Furniture Shop; the vibrant offerings of Aaron's to the curated consignments at Mia's Consignment, there’s something for everyone in this desert city.

One thing is certain: shopping for used furniture in Indio is not just about the quest for the perfect piece. It's about the experience - the thrill of the hunt, the joy of discovery, and the satisfaction of bringing home a piece of furniture that has its own story to tell. So whether you're a local resident or a visitor, be sure to check out these used furniture stores in Indio, CA. You might just find your next treasure.