11 Best Used Furniture Stores in Fort Wayne, IN

Aug 23, 2023
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Best Used Furniture Stores in Fort Wayne, IN

Welcome to Fort Wayne, Indiana - a city teeming with history, culture, and a plethora of used furniture stores that will make any interior decorator's heart skip a beat.

Whether you're looking to furnish your first apartment, hunting for a unique piece to complete your living room, or simply love the thrill of finding hidden gems, the used furniture stores in Fort Wayne are your treasure trove.

From quaint thrift shops to high-end antique stores, each location offers a unique collection of furniture and décor that tells a story of its own. In this guide, we'll explore some of the best used furniture stores in Fort Wayne, sharing my personal experiences and recommendations. Get ready to discover the charm and character of Fort Wayne, one piece of furniture at a time.

Rainbow Furniture

Rainbow Furniture · 3206 Covington Rd, Fort Wayne, IN 46802, United States
★★★★★ · Bedroom furniture store

Next stop on our journey is Rainbow Furniture. From the moment I walked in, the warm and helpful staff immediately set the tone for a delightful shopping experience. One of the staff members, Trevor, was particularly helpful. He went above and beyond, even carrying my boxes to my car on two occasions.

Rainbow Furniture is not just about customer service though. I've been buying my furniture from here for years, and I must say their pieces are top-notch. There's a timeless charm about each piece that you simply cannot find in mass-produced furniture.

The best part about this store? It's not just a furniture store. I had initially scheduled to pick up a U-haul, and found myself pleasantly surprised by their extensive furniture collection. Talk about hitting two birds with one stone!

Rainbow Furniture has been in business ever since I was a kid living in Fort Wayne, and it's clear to see why. Their enduring commitment to quality and customer service is truly commendable. If you're in Fort Wayne and in need of some quality used furniture, be sure to pay Rainbow Furniture a visit.

Discover Unique Pieces at Redesign Home

Redesign Home · 3205 Covington Rd, Fort Wayne, IN 46802, United States
★★★★★ · Furniture store

Another gem I came across in Fort Wayne is a place that redefines furniture shopping - Redesign Home. I was immediately drawn to the store due to its wide variety of unique pieces that you won't find anywhere else. It's the perfect place to find that one-of-a-kind piece to tie your living room together or to find a unique gift for someone special.

During my visit, I was welcomed by the most friendly and helpful staff. They guided me around, showcasing their amazing collection and also sharing insights about each piece. The whole shopping experience was truly delightful.

One thing that struck me was the affordability of the furniture. Despite their uniqueness and quality, the prices were quite reasonable. I managed to pick a few pieces for my home without breaking the bank.

What I found truly enchanting about Redesign Home was the ambiance. It's more than just a furniture store, it's a treasure trove. From couches to chests to tiles, there's something for everyone. And let me tell you, the store smells amazing! It's such a pleasant and welcoming environment that I found myself spending more time than I had initially planned.

I can't wait to revisit Redesign Home to pick out more furniture. If you're in Fort Wayne and looking for unique, affordable furniture, I highly recommend you check out this store. I'm sure you'll be just as enamored as I am!

The Hunt For The Perfect Box Spring at Linda Lou's Furniture

Linda Lou’s Furniture · 1434 Wells St, Fort Wayne, IN 46808, United States
★★☆☆☆ · Used furniture store

Linda Lou's Furniture is a one-of-a-kind gem tucked away in Fort Wayne. I remember when I was on the hunt for a box spring, and their diverse collection caught my attention. The staff were hands-on and helped me load my choice into my vehicle. Their assistance didn't stop there, they even helped me understand the construction of the box spring, explaining the quality of the wood used and the craftsmanship involved. I was impressed by their knowledge and how they took the time to engage with me.

What I love about Linda Lou's is that they have more than just furniture. My wife adores their collection of sofas. She was thrilled when we found one that perfectly matched our living room decor. It's a piece that always gets compliments when we have guests over, thanks to Linda Lou's.

But what sets Linda Lou's Furniture apart is their collection of collectibles. My wife and I love browsing through their selection. She has a soft spot for Disney collectibles, and Linda Lou's never disappoints. Each visit feels like a treasure hunt, and we always end up finding something that adds character to our home. So, if you're in Fort Wayne and hunting for quality furniture or unique decor, I'd highly recommend a visit to Linda Lou's Furniture.

A Visit to Baker Street Office Furnishings

Baker Street Office Furnishings · 359 W Baker St, Fort Wayne, IN 46802, United States
★★★★☆ · Office furniture store

Stepping into Baker Street Office Furnishings, I was immediately impressed by the warm and accommodating environment. The staff, led by Greg, was incredibly attentive and helpful. Even though I was just looking for a few pieces, they treated me as if I was their most important customer. The level of service at this office furniture store in Fort Wayne, IN truly sets them apart.

The selection was impressive, with a wide range of furnishings, many of which come with a lifetime warranty. I found exactly what I needed at a surprisingly affordable price. The quality of the furniture is top-notch, reflecting the team's commitment to providing only the best for their customers.

I was so pleased with my experience that I recommended the store to my sister, who was in need of a new office chair. I'm confident that she will receive the same level of exceptional service and find the perfect chair for her needs.

Visiting Baker Street Office Furnishings was a pleasure, and I look forward to my next visit. Whether you're a small company ordering a few things or a larger business furnishing an entire office, this is the place to go in Fort Wayne.

Uncovering Unique Finds at Born Again Furniture Repurposed and Decor by the Wyatt's

Born Again Furniture Repurposed and Decor by the Wyatt’s · 4134 Engleton Dr, Fort Wayne, IN 46804, United States
★★★★★ · Furniture store

Stepping into Born Again Furniture Repurposed and Decor by the Wyatt's is like embarking on a treasure hunt. I'm always intrigued by the unique, one-of-a-kind items they carry. From stained glass pieces that shimmer in the sunlight to intricately crafted resin clocks, there's always something to catch the eye. I'm particularly fond of their resin skulls - they're an eccentric addition to my bookshelf that always sparks conversation with visitors.

The floral arrangements are artfully done and never fail to add a dash of color to my living space. And the candles! They're not just ordinary candles, they look like miniature drinks and desserts, making for delightful conversation starters. It's safe to say that every trip to Born Again Furniture is a delightful adventure.

Furnishing Dreams at Hometown Furniture Plus

Hometown Furniture Plus · 1536 St Marys Ave, Fort Wayne, IN 46808, United States
★★★★☆ · Furniture store

Step into Hometown Furniture Plus and you're stepping into a world of possibilities. As someone who's been using their services since they opened, I can vouch for the quality and diversity of their offerings. I've followed Edwin, the manager, from his previous place at Rent-a-Center, and his dedication to customer service is unparalleled.

Every Christmas, I find myself drawn to Hometown Furniture Plus for their impressive range of expensive electronic gifts and appliances. The interest rates are considerably better than credit card rates, especially if you pay off within 180 days. Last season, I was thrilled to find they had PlayStation 5 in stock - a rare find!

The store has also been my go-to place for furnishing my home. I remember completing my two-year rental agreement contract with them effortlessly. Over the phone payments were always an option, making the entire process incredibly convenient.

However, what truly sets Hometown Furniture Plus apart is their commitment to making the experience as easy as possible for their clients. I've always found the team ready to accommodate my schedule and location, even when it comes to final payments and paperwork.

So if you're in Fort Wayne and looking to add some flair to your home, or need that perfect gift, I highly recommend checking out Hometown Furniture Plus. Their blend of quality, affordability, and excellent customer service never fails to impress.

Bolins Odds & Ends Used Furniture

Bolins Odds & Ends Used Furniture · 4303 Hanna St, Fort Wayne, IN 46806, United States
★★★★☆ · Used furniture store

Bolins Odds & Ends Used Furniture is like a treasure hunt, where you can find some real gems if you have a keen eye and some patience. On one visit, I spotted a worn-out kitchen table paired with mismatched chairs, tagged at a surprising $99. But then, I found a couch in excellent condition, seemingly newer and marked at only $169. It was in great shape and a steal for the price. The variety of items is truly remarkable, with a mix of dated pieces and more contemporary ones.

The owner was tremendously friendly and made the shopping experience even more enjoyable. Despite some items being overpriced, there are plenty of reasonably priced, high-quality pieces if you take the time to look around. The thrill of the hunt is part of the fun at Bolins. Remember this tip, though: just because something is priced high doesn't mean there isn't a better deal tucked away somewhere else in the store.

I also brought my cat along on one of my trips, and he was absolutely thrilled with the blanket I draped over the back of the couch. It quickly became his favorite spot in the house. I can't wait to return and see what other treasures I can find at Bolins Odds & Ends Used Furniture.

Discovering Hidden Gems at This & That

This & That · 3209 N Anthony Blvd A, Fort Wayne, IN 46805, United States
★★★★☆ · Home goods store

Just when I thought I couldn't find better deals on furniture, I stumbled upon This & That. Tucked away in the heart of the city, this humble store is a goldmine for anyone looking for high-quality, affordable pieces.

My first purchase at This & That was a baby monitor and a sound machine. I was pleasantly surprised at how much cheaper they were compared to the prices at Target. The staff was super friendly and helped me find exactly what I was looking for. I was so impressed that I returned shortly after to buy some chic white wall mounts for my candles. They added a touch of elegance to my living room and were a hit with my guests.

On my most recent trip, I fell in love with a bookcase. It was a piece originally from Target but was available at This & That for a much cheaper price - and it was fully assembled! The staff was incredibly helpful in loading it into my minivan and even taught me how to work the stow and go feature on my captain's chairs. Now, all our books have a beautiful new home, and I couldn't be happier.

This & That is a treasure trove for bargain hunters, and I can't wait to return and see what other gems I can find. If you're in the area and in need of furniture or décor, I highly recommend paying them a visit.

Unearth Hidden Gems at Finders Keepers

Finders Keepers · 2608 Calhoun St, Fort Wayne, IN 46807, United States
★★★★☆ · Used furniture store

There's an indescribable thrill in the hunt for that perfect piece of vintage furniture, and Finders Keepers in Fort Wayne is my go-to spot for such adventures. With two floors brimming with an amazing inventory of vintage, mid-century modern, and antique furniture, this store is a dream for any decor enthusiast.

On my last visit, I was immediately struck by the vast selection of furniture. The pieces ranged from antique to mid-century modern, and every corner held a new surprise. I was particularly impressed with their collection of vintage records on the second floor, where I managed to find some real gems to add to my collection.

More than just the incredible selection, what sets Finders Keepers apart is their outstanding service. The staff is not only friendly but also knowledgeable and fair in their pricing. They offer convenient services like layaway, discounts, and even delivery, making the shopping experience hassle-free.

One of the highlights of my visit was when I found an intriguing piece that caught my eye. The staff was more than happy to engage in a conversation about its history and how it could fit into my home decor. This level of personal interaction added a unique touch to my shopping experience.

Each visit to Finders Keepers feels like a new adventure, with a treasure trove of items waiting to be discovered. Whether you're looking for a specific piece, an oddity, or something from a certain time period, Finders Keepers is the place to go. Trust me, you won't leave empty-handed.

Uncover Hidden Gems at Riverside Antiques, Furniture and More

Riverside Antiques, Furniture and more · 520 Spring St A, Fort Wayne, IN 46808, United States
★★★★★ · Antique store

Step into the world of vintage charm at Riverside Antiques, Furniture and More. It's my go-to spot in Fort Wayne whenever I need unique, affordable furniture and décor. This place has a knack for carrying an impressive variety of farmhouse-style pieces, each one more unique than the last. I've furnished my entire home with their selection, and the total cost was still under $1500!

Riverside Antiques doesn't just offer furniture. They also have an array of metal décor items that add a touch of rustic charm to any room. I'm always impressed by the quality of their items. And the best part? There's something for everyone here, regardless of your taste.

The staff is incredibly helpful and attentive, always ready to answer any questions or offer advice. The best part about shopping here is the thrill of the hunt, never knowing what new treasures you'll stumble upon. Whether you're in the market for unique furniture pieces or decorative items, I highly recommend a visit to Riverside Antiques, Furniture and More. Trust me, you won't leave disappointed!

A Treasure Trove at One of a Kind and More

One of a Kind and More · 1542 Sherman Blvd, Fort Wayne, IN 46808, United States
★★★★★ · Second hand store

One of a Kind and More is without a doubt my favourite destination for 'antique' shopping in Fort Wayne. As soon as I walked in, I was awestruck by the sheer variety of furniture, pictures, collectibles, and decor items. I later found out that their inventory is sourced from whole estate purchases, cross country travels, and individual purchases, which just added to the charm of this unique store.

In addition to their eclectic collection, the staff at One of a Kind and More are incredibly helpful and clearly enjoy what they do. They were more than happy to answer any questions I had, which made my shopping experience all the more enjoyable. The store also boasts a large variety of items, and the prices seemed about average as far as thrift stores go.

I was thrilled to find out that they also offer a layaway service, and I was able to score some beautiful, reasonably priced blades. I was also delighted to find that the owners are extremely polite and helpful.

Whether you're just looking to browse or you're on the hunt for something specific, One of a Kind and More is a must-visit. Their weekly inventory updates ensure that you'll always find something new and exciting on each visit. So, if you're ever in Fort Wayne and have a love for all things vintage and unique, make sure to stop by One of a Kind and More. I guarantee you won't be disappointed!

All the Treasures of Fort Wayne

The charm of Fort Wayne, Indiana extends to its array of used furniture stores, each one offering a unique blend of history and style. These stores allow you to fill your space with character and charm without breaking the bank.

From the rustic and vintage to the modern and sleek, there's something for everyone's taste. As a local, I invite you to explore these treasure troves and discover the potential of used furniture. You'll not only be adding a piece of Fort Wayne history to your home, but you'll also be supporting local businesses and promoting sustainability. Happy hunting!