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20 Best Used Furniture Stores in Chicago, IL

Jul 20, 2023
27 min read
Best Used Furniture Stores in Chicago, IL

Are you a fan of vintage aesthetics, or hunting for that diamond in the rough piece of furniture to add a unique touch to your home decor? Well, look no further. Welcome to the ultimate guide to used furniture stores in Chicago. I'm going to take you on a personal journey through the city's best hidden gems, where you can find everything from retro-chic furnishings to high-quality vintage pieces and eclectic decor items. Each store has its own unique charm and character, offering a diverse selection of items that cater to a variety of tastes and budgets. Trust me, you won't be disappointed. So, let's embark on this adventure together and discover the best used furniture stores Chicago has to offer.

This article compiles the shared experiences and reviews of our readers who have had encounters with various used furniture stores in the city. While it highlights some of the top-rated stores based on our readers' personal experiences, it's important to remember that this list is not exhaustive. There is a wealth of used furniture stores in the city that haven't been featured but are certainly worth exploring. We encourage you to use this article as a starting point, and to venture out and discover the many other excellent options available to you!

Let's Change

Let's begin our journey at the charming Let's Change, an amazing thrift store nestled in the heart of Chicago. As soon as you walk through the doors, you are greeted by a vast selection of items that are priced fairly. Trust me, you will not leave empty-handed.

On one of my regular visits at the beginning of the week, I discovered some fantastic pieces to complete my outfits for the upcoming work week. I was especially thrilled to find cute items in 3X size, including two Halloween dresses and a couple of long sleeve shirts. It's not every day you stumble upon a thrift store that caters to all sizes, and this definitely sets Let's Change apart.

One thing that stands out about Let's Change is the welcoming and helpful staff. On this occasion, Diamond, a volunteer at the store, was my shopping companion. Her excellent customer service made the experience even more enjoyable.

The best part? The store often has great deals. Last time, I was pleasantly surprised when I got a $50 worth of clothes for just $30! Such a steal, right? I love the fact that I can find something good and give back at the same time. The intimate setting and the beautiful treasures make shopping here a unique experience that's hard to match.

In short, Let's Change is a treasure trove of high-quality finds at great prices. I highly recommend you check it out. I can't wait for my next visit!

Let’s Change · 1664 N California Ave, Chicago, IL 60647, United States
★★★★★ · Thrift store

The Charm of Family "Thrift" Store

Sometimes the best treasures are found where you least expect them, and the Family "Thrift" Store in Chicago is no exception. It's one of my favorite thrift stores, with its organized environs and clean clothes that make for a pleasant shopping experience.

I remember visiting the store before it closed down for renovations. The anticipation of its reopening keeps me excited. This store has always stood out for its better organization compared to other thrift stores I've visited. The clothes are cleaner, and the prices are reasonable, making it a more affordable option than many other thrift outlets in the city.

The labeling system at the Family "Thrift" Store is a bit unique. They use red marking to label items, which might seem unusual, but it adds to the character of the place. It's all part of the charm of thrifting - the joy of discovery, the anticipation of unearthing a hidden treasure, the satisfaction of snagging a great deal.

During my visits, I've noticed that some clothes are worn, but that's part of the appeal of thrift shopping. Each item has a story to tell, and I love the idea of giving these clothes a new lease on life.

One thing to keep in mind is that the customer service might not always be top-notch. But for me, the thrill of finding unique items at bargain prices more than makes up for it. After all, thrifting is all about the hunt, and the Family "Thrift" Store is a hunting ground I look forward to exploring again once it reopens.

Family “Thrift” Store · 2160 N Milwaukee Ave, Chicago, IL 60647, United States
★★★★☆ · Thrift store

A Haven for Home Essentials: Mike's Furniture and Appliances

There's a certain charm about Mike's Furniture and Appliances that drew me in from the get-go. Nestled in the heart of Chicago, this family-owned business offers a selection of home and office pieces that are not only of top-notch quality, but are also reasonably priced. You can find them here.

My first purchase was a Korbach faux leather reclining sofa. Not only did I get a great deal, but they also managed to deliver it within a week. The service was impeccable, and the team made me feel valued and taken care of. I use my sofa for everything - from studying to relaxing in front of my new TV. It's become my everything sofa, and I couldn't be happier with my purchase.

On another visit, my wife and I found a beautiful bedroom set. We were expecting it to take weeks for delivery, but the items arrived in just three days. The delivery team went above and beyond to ensure that all the furniture was delivered upstairs without a scratch.

But what I appreciate most about Mike's is how they've adapted to the times. On one of my recent visits, I was impressed by their range of bunk beds. The prices were great, and the service was personal and genuine. I even ended up buying a dishwasher and towels on the spot, thanks to the assistance of the manager, Mr. Bob, and the salesperson, Lidie.

Mike's Furniture and Appliances isn't just a store for me, it's a place where I feel appreciated and valued as a customer. Their commitment to providing quality furniture and exceptional service is why I continue to recommend them to anyone looking for a little more value for their money. Whether you're setting up a new home or looking to update your existing one, you're sure to find what you need at Mike's.

Mike’s Furniture and Appliances · 1259 N Ashland Ave, Chicago, IL 60622, United States
★★★★☆ · Furniture store

The Stoop: A Hidden Gem in the Heart of Chicago

After a satisfying experience at Mike's Furniture and Appliances, I decided to explore more of Chicago's used furniture landscape. My curiosity led me to a unique place that seems to effortlessly blend the old with the new: The Stoop.

From the moment I stepped into The Stoop, I was met with a delightful array of home decor items. The selection was outstanding, a fine blend of modern and vintage, with everything from lighting fixtures to desks, tables, and chairs. The store also had a surprising find—second-hand clothing options. The quality of their selections was as impressive as their furniture.

What struck me most about The Stoop, though, was not just the quality of their items, but the overall aesthetic and feel of the place. It was like stepping into a well-curated home, full of beautiful furniture, vintage clothes, plants, art, and other fun home decor odds and ends. Every corner had something beautiful to discover, making my visit more than just a shopping trip—it was a delightful adventure.

The Stoop isn't just about the items they sell. It's about the overall shopping experience. Each visit feels like an exciting treasure hunt, and you never know what unique piece you might stumble upon. Their staff were friendly and knowledgeable, which added to the overall positive experience. This is a place that truly adds value to the block and the overall used furniture scene in Chicago.

Whether you're on the hunt for a unique piece of furniture, some vintage clothes, or just want to enjoy a different kind of shopping experience, I highly recommend visiting The Stoop. It's a beautiful store with an amazing selection, and it's easily one of my favorite used furniture stores in Chicago.

The Stoop · 2135 W Chicago Ave, Chicago, IL 60622, United States
★★★★★ · Second hand store

A Vintage Haven at Vintage Quest

Stepping into Vintage Quest is like setting foot in a treasure trove. The store is well-curated with vintage home goods, each piece beautifully unique and telling a story of its own. Every visit feels like a joyous exploration, always surprising me with new discoveries that are perfect for my home.

One of the things that make Vintage Quest stand out is the unusual selection of furniture, rugs, fixtures, and art pieces. The store is like a wonderland for vintage lovers - every nook and cranny packed full of charm and character. The pricing is also fair, making it a worthwhile adventure every time.

The owner of Vintage Quest is an absolute delight. His personable nature adds to the overall shopping experience, making it feel like you're catching up with an old friend rather than just visiting a store. It's this kind of warmth and friendliness that makes Vintage Quest feel like your local dive bar, but for vintage treasures.

Many of the beautiful pieces of furniture in my home are from Vintage Quest. It's my go-to place for finding vintage furniture that adds character and style to my space. I always make it a point to head there on Saturday afternoons. That's when the best finds from the week are out on display, and I can grab a coffee and enjoy a leisurely browse.

So if you're looking to add some vintage charm to your home, or simply enjoy the thrill of finding a one-of-a-kind piece, Vintage Quest is the place to be. It's a gem among used furniture stores in Chicago, and I cannot recommend it enough.

Vintage Quest · 1105 N California Ave, Chicago, IL 60622, United States
★★★★★ · Antique furniture store

A Blend of Quality and Comfort at Lubinski Furniture

After my satisfying exploration at Vintage Quest, I found myself in the welcoming embrace of Lubinski Furniture. Nestled in historic digs, this veteran store had a wide range of home furnishings that tickled my fancy. I was immediately drawn to the warm atmosphere and the tasteful selection of furniture that seemed to cater to every conceivable style and preference.

As I walked in, I was greeted by Ken, whose friendly demeanor and respectful approach made the shopping experience all the more enjoyable. Unlike the pushy sales tactics I've encountered in some other stores, Ken let me explore at my own pace. I was particularly taken by the mid-century modern pieces and a few select items that seemed like they would fit perfectly in my living room.

I found myself gravitating towards a coffee table with a contemporary design - the perfect piece to complete my living room's aesthetic. What I appreciated most about Lubinski was not just their quality furniture but also their exemplary customer service. Ken and his team offered next-day delivery at a fair price and even went the extra mile by delivering the furniture to my unit.

I remember a minor hiccup with the delivery time due to my schedule, but Ken and his team were incredibly understanding. They promptly rescheduled the delivery, ensuring that I received my purchase without any hassle. The coffee table was exactly what my space needed, and I was thrilled with the overall experience.

A few months after my purchase, I had a small issue with a cushion. One phone call to Ken, and he promptly resolved the issue with a replacement. This level of commitment to customer satisfaction is what sets Lubinski apart.

The prices at Lubinski are more than reasonable, and the quality of their furniture is top-notch. Their full-service delivery is a godsend, especially when you don't have the time or resources to handle it yourself. My experience with Lubinski was nothing short of fantastic, and I wouldn't hesitate to return for my future furniture needs.

So if you're in Chicago and looking for a used furniture store that blends quality, comfort, and customer service, Lubinski Furniture is the place to be!

Lubinski Furniture · 1550 N Milwaukee Ave #2008, Chicago, IL 60622, United States
★★★★☆ · Furniture store

A Goldmine of Vintage Finds at Velvet Goldmine

After my fantastic experience at Lubinski Furniture, I decided to continue my furniture hunt and found myself at a place as intriguing as its name, Velvet Goldmine. This store is a true gem tucked away on Division Street, and it's a treasure trove for furniture shoppers in Chicago.

As soon as I walked in, I was taken aback by the quality of the furniture. It's rare to find such high-end pieces these days, especially at prices that don’t make you wince. The owner, John, is a testament to the store's excellent service. He personally delivered the two pieces I bought and even helped move them inside my home. His dedication to providing the best for his customers at affordable prices is truly commendable.

But what makes Velvet Goldmine stand out is the character and style of each piece. The store owners actually repair and refurbish pieces before they're sold, adding a personal touch that's hard to find in big box stores. I was amazed by the charm, the environmental benefits of shopping secondhand, the uniqueness of every piece, and the service and great people inside this store.

I have to mention the fantastic painting I bought the last time I was there. It's a 1960s Anderson abstract that I got for an unbeatable price. Every visit to Velvet Goldmine feels like a treasure hunt, and I always strike gold!

So, if you're in Chicago and looking for good quality, affordable, and unique furniture, Velvet Goldmine should be your go-to place. I can assure you that John and his team will go above and beyond to meet your furniture needs!

Velvet Goldmine · 2001 W Division St, Chicago, IL 60622, United States
★★★★★ · Antique furniture store

Discover the Charm of An Orange Moon

Just when I thought my furniture hunt couldn't get any more exciting, I found myself stepping into an absolute gem of a store - An Orange Moon. The first thing that caught my eye, aside from the stunning collection of vintage furniture and decor, was the light-filled showroom that created an inviting atmosphere. The store features an incredible selection of art, furniture, and accessories - each piece more unique than the last.

During my visit, I found myself gravitating towards a beautiful mid-century table. I had been searching for one for the longest time, and there it was, right before my eyes. The table was not just in perfect condition, but it was even more beautiful than the photos. The store owner, Lynne, was wonderfully responsive and helped coordinate the entire shipping process. I also appreciated the numerous check-ins from her, ensuring that my table arrived in perfect condition.

But that's not all. As I explored further, I found a pair of beautiful decor pieces that I just couldn't resist. The store lived up to its reputation of offering an amazing selection of vintage decor and furnishings, with an accent on mid-century modern and modern styles - my personal favorites!

An Orange Moon is more than just a furniture store. It's an experience. With a responsive service, beautiful selection, and a warm atmosphere, every visit feels like a treasure hunt. And the best part? You always find the treasure. So, if you're in Chicago and on the lookout for hip vintage home furniture and decor, An Orange Moon should undoubtedly be on your list.

An Orange Moon · 2418 W North Ave, Chicago, IL 60647, United States
★★★★★ · Antique furniture store

A Seamless Experience at The Furniture Shop Inc.

You know that feeling when you walk into a store and everything just feels right? That's exactly how I felt walking into The Furniture Shop Inc. for the first time. It was a blissful experience, filled with a diverse range of furniture and fabrics that intrigued me.

I remember being particularly impressed with the reupholstered 2-seater Muuto couch I spotted. It was the perfect blend of style and comfort, and I was immediately drawn to it. John Gilligan, one of their staff members, was instrumental in guiding me through the process of choosing the piece and the fabric that best fit my space. His expertise made the whole process seamless and enjoyable.

But my experiences at The Furniture Shop Inc. didn't stop at just browsing. I was keen on having some pieces custom-made, and Mark, another helpful staff member, came to the rescue. He worked closely with my designer to create perfectly crafted furniture pieces that exceeded my expectations. One of my favorites is an antique Bruno Mathesson chair that was meticulously refurbished with care and quality.

Their mid-century furniture also caught my attention. It was evident that each piece was well worth the investment, and I was pleased to find that they offered a good value for money. The one thing that stuck with me from my visit, though, was the feeling of immediacy. If you find a good deal on a piece of furniture, you have to seize the opportunity then and there, as prices can fluctuate.

The Furniture Shop Inc. is not just a furniture store. It's a place that offers high-quality, reasonably priced pieces, coupled with expert guidance and a friendly atmosphere. It's a place that I would highly recommend to anyone in Chicago looking for unique, stylish, and affordable furniture.

The Furniture Shop Inc. · 4259 S Western Blvd # 2, Chicago, IL 60609, United States
★★★★☆ · Upholstery shop

Mia's Resale

On one of my many Chicago adventures, I found myself stepping into the welcoming ambiance of Mia's Resale. This store is a hidden gem in the city, tucked away from the bustling streets and offering a treasure trove of second-hand furniture with a story to tell.

As I walked through the doors, the variety and quality of furniture on offer amazed me. Each piece seemed to have a unique story to tell, and I was excited to discover what these pieces could add to my home. What caught my eye was a beautiful mahogany dining set that seemed to radiate warmth and charm. It was lightly used and well-maintained, a testament to the discerning eye of the store for quality items.

The staff at Mia's Resale were incredibly welcoming. They could sense my excitement and were more than happy to share their knowledge and insights about each piece. They offered a reasonable price for the dining set, and I was more than happy to make it the star of my dining room.

Mia's Resale is more than just a store. It's a place where furniture gets a second chance to shine, and where customers like me get to discover unique, high-quality pieces at a fraction of the cost. I can't wait to return and see what new treasures await. I highly recommend this place to anyone looking for second-hand furniture in Chicago.

Mia’s Resale · 4234 W Fullerton Ave, Chicago, IL 60639, United States
Furniture store

An Encounter with Elegance at Dial M For Modern

Never underestimate the thrill of stumbling upon a treasure trove of mid-century modern furniture, tucked away in the heart of Chicago. That's exactly what happened to me when I visited Dial M For Modern.

Walking into this store is akin to stepping back in time, yet with a modern twist. The owner, Tim, has an impeccable eye for design and a knack for staging furniture that can only be described as superb. Over the years, I've purchased various pieces from him – each one a conversation starter, each one steeped in history and style. And every time I've visited, I've been greeted with a friendly chat, making my shopping experience all the more enjoyable.

Dial M For Modern is much like a culinary delight in the world of contemporary thrifting. It's like walking into a store that knows exactly what you need before you do. On more than one occasion, I've been drawn to items I hadn't even thought of, only to realize that they were indeed the missing pieces that my home decor needed. And trust me when I say, the store's collection is so compelling, it can make you pull out your wallet in a split second.

What sets Dial M For Modern apart from other stores is not just its fantastic range of furniture, but also the warm and helpful demeanor of its staff. Whether you are looking for a particular item or just casually browsing, the team is always ready to assist. They have an esoteric collection of mid-century modern furniture that spans across a wide spectrum, making it a must-visit for any modern design enthusiast.

One piece of advice, though – their inventory moves fast, so you need to visit often to make sure you don't miss out on any gems. Dial M For Modern is more than just a store; it's an adventure in design that's waiting to be explored.

Dial M For Modern · 1818 W Grand Ave, Chicago, IL 60622, United States
★★★★★ · Used furniture store

A Hidden Gem: Root Consignment Company

Just when I thought I'd seen it all, I stumbled upon the Root Consignment Company. Tucked away in a nondescript part of town, this place was a delightful surprise.

I had been driving past this consignment store for so long without ever stepping foot inside. But when I finally did, I couldn't believe what I had been missing out on. Root Consignment Company is a treasure trove, filled with an array of unique and beautiful pieces that you won't find anywhere else. From mirrors and vases to shoes and sofas, every item in the store seemed to have a story to tell.

The moment I walked in, I was struck by the range of fun gems that were on offer, all at great prices. Angela, the owner, definitely has an eye for curating a collection of items that are as unique as they are beautiful. I found myself lost in the store, spending hours just browsing through the inventory, and came across a couple of items that I knew I had to take home.

However, what truly sets Root Consignment Company apart is their transparency. On my first visit, I purchased a few items and noticed a small credit card processing fee on my receipt. I appreciated that they had been upfront about this fee and gave me the option to pay with cash or a credit card next time.

The friendly atmosphere and the quality of the items on display have made me a regular at Root Consignment Company. Every visit is a new adventure, with new items to discover and fall in love with. From now on, I'll be making sure to bring cash and plenty of time with me every time I visit.

Root Consignment Company · 1913 W 103rd St, Chicago, IL 60643, United States
★★★★★ · Consignment shop

A Cozy Sleep at True Value Bedding Inc

On my quest to find the perfect sleep companion, I chanced upon True Value Bedding Inc. Nestled in the heart of Chicago, this store is a haven for those seeking a good night's sleep. The moment I stepped in, I was greeted by the friendly owner who was more than willing to assist me in finding the right bedding.

The store was filled with a variety of mattresses, each promising a different level of comfort. I was amazed by the variety and the quality of the items on offer. I was guided through the selection process, and the owner's expertise had me feeling confident about my purchase.

The deal I got was fantastic. I couldn't believe the quality of the mattress I was taking home for the price I paid. The owner's friendly approach made my shopping experience enjoyable. I was not just buying a mattress, I was investing in my sleep, and the owner understood this and guided me through the process with ease.

Not only is the selection top-notch, but the customer service at True Value Bedding Inc is also exceptional. The owner's friendly demeanor and willingness to help truly sets this place apart from other bedding stores in the city.

If you're on the hunt for quality bedding in Chicago, I highly recommend a visit to True Value Bedding Inc. Whether you're buying a new mattress or simply seeking advice, you'll be treated with the utmost respect and courtesy.

True Value Bedding Inc · 155 S Pulaski Rd, Chicago, IL 60624, United States
★★★★☆ · Used furniture store

A Nostalgic Journey at Three Stars Vintage/Furniture Store

Stepping into Three Stars Vintage/Furniture Store is like stepping into a time machine. Each carefully curated piece of furniture tells a story, offering a nostalgic journey into the past. The moment you cross the threshold of this vintage treasure trove, you are greeted with an eclectic array of secondhand goods, from chic handbags to vintage home accents.

There is a certain magic in the air as you browse through the beautifully arranged displays, with each item reflecting the owner's keen eye for unique quality. My attention was immediately drawn to the mid-century bureaus, their oak and teak finishes a testament to the craftsmanship of yesteryears. The store also had an impressive selection of items from various designers, including a Herman Miller mantle clock that I simply couldn't resist.

The kindness and helpfulness of the staff elevated the overall shopping experience. They were always ready to provide assistance or share interesting stories about the origins of the pieces. This personal touch, along with the store's reasonable prices, made my visit to Three Stars Vintage/Furniture Store a truly enjoyable one.

Adding to the store’s allure was the extensive collection of antiques, especially mid-century items. I found myself fascinated by their collection of decanters and chairs, which became a welcome addition to my home decor. This little gem is indeed a welcome addition to the neighborhood, offering a unique shopping experience that makes you want to come back again and again.

If you are ever in Chicago and looking for some unique, quality pieces to add to your home, I highly recommend a visit to Three Stars Vintage/Furniture Store. But don’t just take my word for it. Come and experience this vintage haven for yourself!

Three Stars Vintage/Furniture Store · 3633 W Fullerton Ave, Chicago, IL 60647, United States
★★★★★ · Antique store

Discovering Treasures at A Lotta Goodstuff Upscale Resale Furniture & More

Stepping into A Lotta Goodstuff Upscale Resale Furniture & More was like stumbling upon a hidden gem during my travels in Chicago. The store might be small in size, but every nook and cranny is filled with a wide array of unique, quality used furniture that's in great shape.

I was welcomed by the warm and friendly owner, who had an infectious enthusiasm for her collection. She was not only incredibly kind but also very helpful. Upon seeing me with my camera, she even offered to rearrange some of the pieces for a small photoshoot. This level of customer service is rare and truly made my visit special.

I was particularly impressed by a table and chair set I found there. They were sturdy, clean, and priced just right. What's more, the overall selection of furniture and items, despite not being huge due to the store's size, was impressive. Every piece was carefully curated, showcasing the owner's excellent eye for quality and style.

This visit wasn't just about shopping; it was a delightful experience that combined the thrill of discovery with the satisfaction of finding well-maintained, used furniture at reasonable prices. I ended up buying two fantastic pieces of clothing that became my favorite finds of the trip.

If you're ever in Chicago and on the hunt for quality used furniture, A Lotta Goodstuff Upscale Resale Furniture & More is definitely worth a visit. And who knows, you might just find your next favorite piece of furniture or clothing, just like I did!

A Lotta Goodstuff Upscale Resale Furniture & More · 501 E 47th St, Chicago, IL 60653, United States
★★★★★ · Consignment shop

The Charm of Mc Coy Real New & Used

After my delightful visit to A Lotta Goodstuff Upscale Resale Furniture & More, I decided to continue my furniture hunting at another gem in the city, Mc Coy Real New & Used. Now, this isn't your average furniture store. It's a place that exudes charm and authenticity, making it an exciting part of my journey.

Upon stepping into Mc Coy Real New & Used, I felt an immediate warmth and welcoming atmosphere that left me eager to explore. The variety of pieces in the store is truly impressive, and it's clear that each item has been selected with care. From vintage charm to contemporary pieces, they have something to suit every taste.

One of the best things about Mc Coy Real New & Used is their knack for sourcing unique, quality pieces. I found a bookcase tucked away in a back corner that had seen better days, but with a bit of DIY magic, it now holds a place of honor in my living room. The price was just right, and it added just the right touch of vintage charm to my space.

What truly sets this place apart, however, is the staff. They're always friendly and helpful, making the shopping experience a delightful one. They have a knack for pricing their items fairly, and they're always ready to answer any questions you might have. If you're in the neighborhood, I highly recommend dropping by Mc Coy Real New & Used. You never know what treasures you'll uncover!

A Whirlwind of Furniture Finds at Windy City Furniture, Inc.

If you've ever found yourself yearning for a unique piece of furniture to add a little flair to your interior, I can't recommend Windy City Furniture, Inc. enough. Nestled in a large 4-story warehouse, this store sells an array of used hotel and office furniture, fixtures, bedding, artwork, and more.

Once, I was on the hunt for an office chair that would provide comfort and support during long working hours. Windy City Furniture came through with a well-kept Herman Miller “Mirra” office chair at a price that was a pleasant surprise. Their collection is not limited to just office furniture, though. Their coffee tables are a sight to behold, and would enhance the ambiance of any living room.

Lighting enthusiasts will feel like a kid in a candy store at Windy City Furniture. The showroom is packed to the brim with beautiful floor-standing and desk lamps. I still remember the day I found a mid-century modern style tall stainless steel lamp for only $43, lampshade included! It was such a steal that I simply couldn't resist.

But what truly makes a visit to Windy City Furniture special is the kind and helpful staff. When I was there, I picked out a really neat lamp, but it didn't have the specific light bulbs it needed. The staff went out of their way to provide me with the exact kind, even testing out the lamp to ensure it was in working condition before I took it home.

It's safe to say that Windy City Furniture, Inc. is more than just a furniture store. It's a place where you can find quality items without breaking the bank, and where customer service is always a top priority. If you're in the Chicago area, I highly recommend you stop by.

Windy City Furniture, Inc. · 2221 S Michigan Ave, Chicago, IL 60616, United States
★★★★☆ · Used furniture store

A Treasure Hunt at Treasures Depot

After my satisfying experience at Windy City Furniture, Inc., I decided to continue my adventure in the world of used furniture stores in Chicago. My next stop? The aptly named Treasures Depot. Let me tell you, the name truly lives up to the experience.

I was in awe when I first stepped through the doors. It had been a while since my last visit, and I was pleasantly surprised by the variety of items on display. From what I gathered, many of the items were returns from Amazon, which meant I could find virtually anything I was looking for. It was like embarking on a treasure hunt, and I was ready for the challenge.

As I began exploring, I found a multitude of great items. Me and my fiancé ended up purchasing a wide array of merchandise, all for just $54. This included a brand new breast pump for $30, which would have originally cost us $120. We also got silicone cups for various beverages, oil pourers for our kitchen, and even some teething toys. The deals we scored were phenomenal - a testament to the value you can find at Treasures Depot.

One thing I must admit is that the place was a little messy and disorganized. But in a way, this added to the thrill of the hunt. It was like sifting through a treasure chest, never knowing what gem you might uncover next. Among the miscellaneous items, I found a hand-stitched Cubs pillow that I absolutely adore, a new in shelf board game, and an impressive selection of women's swimwear that was mostly new with tags.

If you're someone who enjoys a good treasure hunt, then Treasures Depot is the place for you. Yes, it can be hit-or-miss, but when you hit, it's a jackpot. I definitely plan on returning to this hidden gem in Chicago.

Treasures Depot · 3455 S Archer Ave, Chicago, IL 60608, United States
★★★★☆ · Thrift store

The Phoenix Rises: Fenix Furniture

After the thrill of my visit to Treasures Depot, my quest for unique and affordable furniture led me to Fenix Furniture, another family-run treasure trove in Chicago. The moment I stepped in, I sensed the friendly atmosphere. The people behind Fenix were warm, accommodating, and really made me feel at home.

Every corner of the store revealed a new surprise. The eclectic range of furniture pieces was like a well-curated art exhibition, each piece having a story of its own. From vintage to modern designs, Fenix Furniture had it all. I was particularly drawn to their impressive collection of mattresses. I didn't need one at that moment, but the quality was undeniable, and I made a mental note to return when the need arose.

What really struck me was their commitment to high quality offerings at affordable prices. This wasn't just a business transaction; it was clear that they cared about providing value to their customers. I felt welcomed into a negotiation, not a hard sell, and they were more than willing to work with me to strike a great deal. It's rare to find such genuine customer service, and for that alone, I would recommend Fenix Furniture to anyone in the hunt for unique, affordable pieces.

Although I didn't find the exact piece I was looking for on my first visit, I was far from disappointed. The staff was super nice, despite my inability to make a purchase that day. Their friendly demeanor and the store's overall positive vibe made the whole experience worthwhile. I left the store with a smile, knowing that I would definitely be back.

For anyone looking for a unique shopping experience and high-quality furniture in Chicago, Fenix Furniture is a must-visit. Here's where you can find them:

Fenix Furniture · 2300 S California Ave, Chicago, IL 60608, United States
★★★★★ · Used furniture store

Discover Deals at Fort Pitt Hotel Furniture Liquidators

From the moment I walked into Fort Pitt Hotel Furniture Liquidators, the buzz of a great deal was palpable. The store, though smaller than I had anticipated, was clean, well-organized, and packed with a variety of furniture pieces. What stood out to me was the quality of the furniture on display - clearly, they were once a part of luxurious hotel interiors, now ready to find a new home.

As I walked in, the friendly staff promptly greeted me, ready to assist me with my needs. I was on a mission to find a console table. Though I didn't find the exact one I had in mind, I ended up scoring a super stylish work chair and an Elizabeth Weiner Print - talk about a happy accident! Every piece in the store was loaded with character and potential, making it a paradise for anyone with an eye for style and a knack for a good deal.

Despite the store's size, there was a broad selection of items, each with its own story. It felt like being on a treasure hunt, adding to the overall excitement of shopping here. One thing I loved was the staff's attitude - they were helpful, pleasant, and seemed genuinely interested in making sure I found what I was looking for. Once I made my choices, they carefully loaded my items into my truck with a "my pleasure" kind of attitude, which truly added to the whole shopping experience.

If I had any wishlist for this place, it would be for them to have a restroom and to create a wishlist of items customers are looking for on their website. But overall, I found my visit to Fort Pitt Hotel Furniture Liquidators to be a delightful experience. I know for sure that I will be going back on a regular basis to scout for more fantastic finds.

For anyone in Chicago looking for used furniture of great quality, I highly recommend a visit to Fort Pitt Hotel Furniture Liquidators. Here’s where you can find them:

Fort Pitt Hotel Furniture Liquidators · 4422 W 46th St, Chicago, IL 60632, United States
★★★★☆ · Used furniture store