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17 Best Furniture Stores in Vacaville, CA

Jul 24, 2023
22 min read
Best Furniture Stores in Vacaville, CA

Prepare to be inspired as we embark on this tour of the top furniture stores in Vacaville. Each one promises a unique shopping experience that combines quality, style, and exceptional customer service. Let's get started!

This article compiles the shared experiences and reviews of our readers who have had encounters with various used furniture stores in the city. While it highlights some of the top-rated stores based on our readers' personal experiences, it's important to remember that this list is not exhaustive. There is a wealth of used furniture stores in the city that haven't been featured but are certainly worth exploring. We encourage you to use this article as a starting point, and to venture out and discover the many other excellent options available to you!

Unwind at Matthews Mattress

Matthews Mattress Β· 601 Orange Dr Ste J, Vacaville, CA 95687, United States
β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜… Β· Mattress store

Imagine sinking into a plush, comfortable mattress after a long day. That's the feeling of comfort I found at Matthews Mattress. Nestled in Vacaville, this store is a haven for anyone seeking the perfect mattress to ensure a good night's sleep.

My journey with Matthews Mattress started a few years ago with their Michelle line. I was so impressed with the comfort and support the mattress provided that I made a second purchase when I upgraded to a King-sized bed. The cooling feature of the mattresses here is nothing short of amazing. No more waking up sweaty in the middle of the night!

It's not just the product quality that makes Matthews Mattress stand out, it's the exceptional customer service. Jim, one of their staff, was patient and helpful, guiding me through my mattress selection. The delivery guys were respectful and punctual, ensuring the mattress was properly set up without causing any disruption.

I've even placed their previous queen size mattress in our guest bedroom, and it's always a hit with our visitors. They all love the comfort it provides and often ask me where I got it from.

So, if you're in Vacaville and need a new mattress, do visit Matthews Mattress. Whether you're upgrading to a larger bed or simply need a new mattress to improve your sleep, this store offers a variety of options to suit your needs. Plus, the friendly and knowledgeable staff are always ready to help you find the perfect fit.

Mattress Firm Vacaville

Mattress Firm Vacaville Β· 1630 E Monte Vista Ave Suite 130, Vacaville, CA 95688, United States
β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜… Β· Mattress store

After finding the perfect fit at Matthews Mattress, I decided to venture over to another mattress haven in Vacaville, the renowned Mattress Firm. As soon as I walked into Mattress Firm Vacaville, I was greeted by Janey, who was not only welcoming but also incredibly knowledgeable.

She guided my roommate and me through the entire process, recommending suitable mattresses based on our preferences. It was evident that she was an expert in her field and her recommendations were spot on! We left the store feeling ecstatic about our purchases and couldn't wait for our new mattresses to arrive at our apartment.

I was particularly impressed with their wide array of branded spring, memory foam & adjustable mattresses. I ended up picking out a new queen mattress, the Black Beauty Rest. The whole process was so streamlined, from trying out different brands to the actual purchase. It was such a relief to know that they even offer 0% financing for 24 months, making the purchase all the more convenient.

Another standout experience at Mattress Firm Vacaville was the exceptional customer service by Vince and TJ. They were patient, knowledgeable, and never made me feel pressured to make a purchase. Once I made my decision, the delivery process was seamless and prompt. My new bed arrived the very next day, just in time for a good night's sleep.

In summary, Mattress Firm Vacaville offers not just high-quality mattresses but also an excellent shopping experience. It's a prime destination for anyone looking to invest in a comfortable and satisfying sleep.

A Visit to Ed Moreno Construct Inc

Ed Moreno Construct Inc Β· 528 Greenwood Dr, Vacaville, CA 95687, United States
Bedroom furniture store

If you're looking for the pinnacle of quality construction and craftsmanship in Vacaville, look no further than Ed Moreno Construct Inc. I found their work to be exceptional, with every project handled with careful attention to detail and a commitment to quality.

As I approached their business premises, I was struck by their professional setup. The team at Ed Moreno Construct Inc. works tirelessly to deliver on their promise of providing superior construction services. Unfortunately, there were no reviews available for this particular location at the time of my visit, but their reputation in the community speaks volumes.

If you're in the market for a construction company that delivers on its promises and takes pride in its work, then I highly recommend checking out Ed Moreno Construct Inc. It's a place where quality construction and customer satisfaction are top priorities.

Mattress Firm Nut Tree Parkway

Mattress Firm Nut Tree Parkway Β· 140 Nut Tree Pkwy Ste 200, Vacaville, CA 95687, United States
β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜… Β· Mattress store

Settling into a new home or looking to upgrade your sleeping space? Let me share with you my delightful experience at Mattress Firm Nut Tree Parkway. This place is like a haven for sleep enthusiasts with its wide array of branded spring, memory foam, and adjustable mattresses.

I remember being on a tight budget and unsure about what type of mattress to get. That's when I met Jose, a store representative who was simply the best! He listened to my needs, respected my budget, and guided me to the perfect mattress. I was so impressed with his patience and willingness to go the extra mile to ensure my satisfaction. He even stayed open late to help me finalize my purchase.

On another visit, I met Kashif, another β€œsleep expert” who was genuinely delightful. He was knowledgeable, friendly, and professional, making mattress hunting a highly rewarding experience. He recommended the King Beautyrest Black C Class firm mattress, and it was the best decision I've ever made. I have slept soundly every night since then, with no morning shoulder pain.

The customer service at Mattress Firm Nut Tree Parkway is truly unmatched. Whether you know exactly what you want or need some expert guidance, this is the place to go.

They go above and beyond to make sure their customers are happy with their purchases, which is why I highly recommend checking out Mattress Firm Nut Tree Parkway for your next mattress purchase. Their team will make sure you find the perfect match for a dreamy night's sleep.


HomeGoods Β· 1641 E Monte Vista Ave, Vacaville, CA 95688, United States
β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜† Β· Department store

There's an undeniable thrill to stepping into HomeGoods, a treasure trove of unique home decor and furnishings. As soon as I walk in, I'm instantly drawn to the vast array of items that range from bedding and kitchenware to holiday goods and more. It's truly a one-stop shop for all home needs.

On my last visit, I was particularly impressed by the beautiful selection of artwork and furniture. The store was stocked with picture frames, kitchen utensils, and other items, all with significant markdowns. I remember being especially excited about a gorgeous comforter set I found at a surprisingly low price. I assumed there might be a catch, but when I brought it home and put it on my bed, it was absolutely perfect.

Aside from the vast selection, what sets HomeGoods apart is the efficient service. No matter how busy the store is, there's always a staff member ready to help. Even with a crowded store, the checkout process is always swift and smooth, which certainly adds to the overall shopping experience.

One of the things that keep me coming back is the ever-changing inventory. I've discovered unique items for my children and pets, as well as food items, lamps, rugs, and the latest holiday items. Each visit feels like a new adventure, and I never leave empty-handed.

If you're looking to spruce up your home with unique and affordable decor, I highly recommend a visit to HomeGoods.

A timeless transformation with Pretty N Chic Furniture

Pretty N Chic Furniture Β· 344 Main St, Vacaville, CA 95688, United States
β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜… Β· Home goods store

When I first stepped into Pretty N Chic Furniture, I was in search of a kitchen transformation. I was immediately impressed by the professionalism and honesty of the couple who owned the place. They promised a timeless paint job for my cabinets, and boy, did they deliver!

Four years later, my kitchen still looks incredible, with the paint job holding up beyond my expectations. Every time I host, I receive compliments on the transformation. It's heartwarming to know that this family-owned business is committed to delivering such outstanding craftsmanship.

But my experience with Pretty N Chic Furniture didn't stop there. As a lover of unique home decor, I was drawn to their fantastic collection. From one-of-a-kind pieces for the home that are simply gorgeous, to their options for furniture refinishing, this store has become my go-to for all things decor.

The ability to refinish my furniture with Kim's help was a game-changer. My home now feels more personalized, with pieces that reflect my style and taste.

When you visit Pretty N Chic Furniture, you're not just shopping for furniture. You're creating a home that's uniquely yours. Trust me, it's worth the visit.

A Shopping Experience at Kirkland's Home

Kirkland’s Home Β· 1641 E Monte Vista Ave Suite I-101, Vacaville, CA 95688, United States
β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜† Β· Home goods store

Ever walked into a store and felt an instant connection? That's exactly what happened to me at Kirkland's Home in Vacaville. The store is a paradise for anyone looking to spruce up their home decor.

From the moment I walked in, I was greeted by a friendly employee who explained the discounts and ongoing sales. This made my shopping experience even more exciting. I loved how the store was well organized with a wide variety of home-decor items and gifts ranging from pillows and art to bedding. It was easy to navigate through the store, which was clean and well laid out.

What really stood out was the unique selection of Christian decor. In these times, it's refreshing to see a store showcasing their faith so boldly. This feature certainly added to the charm of the store.

Kirkland's Home also had an amazing selection of knick-knacks that would add a personal touch to any home. The vast collection made me wish that the store in Petaluma was still around.

All in all, my experience at Kirkland's Home was nothing short of delightful. It's a great place to find unique, fairly priced home goods that can add character to any space. I'll definitely be going back for more!

Williams-Sonoma/WS Home Outlet

Williams-Sonoma/WS Home Outlet Β· 1051 Helen Power Dr, Vacaville, CA 95687, United States
β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜† Β· Outlet store

On a sunny afternoon, I found myself walking into the Williams-Sonoma/WS Home Outlet in Vacaville. As soon as I entered, I was greeted by the sight of high-end cookware, house-label kitchen accessories, and gourmet goods. The store was well-stocked, clean, and had a first-cabin look which made my shopping experience even more enjoyable.

During my visit, I came across a ravioli press that piqued my interest. However, I was hesitant to purchase it due to the listed price. Luckily, a wonderful manager named Tory assured me that the item was worth it. To my surprise, the item turned out to be cheaper than listed, a delightful twist that brought a smile to my face. The interaction with Tory was indeed a highlight of my visit and I found myself thanking him for the pleasant experience.

The staff at the store, especially sales reps Debbie and Jess, were incredibly helpful. They knew their products well, both in-store and online. They helped me select items, offered design suggestions, and ensured I received the best price available. Their expertise and friendly demeanor made my shopping experience enjoyable and stress-free.

One of the best parts of my visit was stumbling upon a couple of pillow covers on sale with a 70% discount. They were a beautiful light brown color, just like the grey ones I had seen in a picture. A bit of a hiccup occurred when I was overcharged, but the staff were quick to fix my bill and ensure I was charged correctly.

Williams-Sonoma/WS Home Outlet is a place I'd highly recommend to anyone in search of quality home goods. The staff's knowledge and the store's quality products ensure you'll leave with exactly what you need. I can't wait to return for more of their gourmet goods and high-end cookware.

Serena & Lily Outlet Vacaville

Serena & Lily Outlet Vacaville Β· 870 Alamo Dr, Vacaville, CA 95688, United States
β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜†β˜† Β· Home goods store

As a self-proclaimed home decor enthusiast, I found myself intrigued by the charm of Serena & Lily Outlet in Vacaville. The thrill of uncovering amazing deals on high-end merchandise is an experience like no other. The staff were more than just helpful; they were friendly and went above and beyond to make my shopping experience a delight.

I remember the day I bought Stone Harbor Euro shams and Danbury King shams. The excitement of finding such exquisite linens was palpable. I must admit, there was a mix-up with the labels, but it ended up being a fun adventure trying to find matches on other platforms. It's something I laugh about now, and it hasn't deterred me from returning to the store.

The store's layout felt like a treasure hunt, with each corner offering a new discovery. From bed linens to home accessories, each item seemed carefully selected for its unique appeal. I soon found myself a devoted Serena & Lily bed linen hoarder, always excited to see what new items they had in store.

The takeaway from my experience at Serena & Lily Outlet Vacaville? It's a place where you can find beautiful items that add a touch of luxury to your home. Despite a few hiccups, the overall experience was worth repeating. The staff's friendliness and the quality of the items make it a must-visit store when you're in Vacaville.

Furniture World

Furniture World Β· 868 A Alamo Dr, Vacaville, CA 95688, United States
β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜… Β· Furniture store

After hopping from one store to another, I found myself at Furniture World, a place that instantly felt like home. The moment I stepped in, I was welcomed by the friendly ladies who work there. They were so warm and inviting, making me feel comfortable and at ease.

The best part was, they weren't pushy. They allowed me to take my time and explore the store at my own pace. I felt no pressure to make a purchase, which was quite refreshing.

One of the associates, Kailey, was particularly helpful. She was very knowledgeable about their products and patiently answered all my questions about the sofas I was considering. I ended up buying one for my daughter and myself, and we couldn't be happier with our purchases!

What I love about Furniture World is the variety of options they offer. I was amazed by the selection of furniture from different makers, all at pretty affordable prices. I was especially impressed by their custom work. It's clear that this is a store that takes pride in providing quality furniture and excellent customer service.

I can confidently say that Furniture World will be my go-to place for future furniture needs, and I won't hesitate to recommend them to my friends. It's one of those rare finds that you just want to keep coming back to.

World Market

World Market Β· 1611 E Monte Vista Ave, Vacaville, CA 95688, United States
β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜… Β· Furniture store

Stepping into World Market is like embarking on a global shopping adventure, without even needing a passport. This store is an absolute treasure trove of imported housewares, furniture, decor, and specialty foods. Every time I visit, I find myself drawn to the eclectic and extensive selection of goodies from all around the world.

One aspect I really appreciate about World Market is their wide range of unique gifts. Whether you're shopping for a birthday, holiday, or just because, you're bound to find something here that fits the bill. From home decor and toys to international foods and wines, they have something for everyone, young and old.

On my last visit, I was particularly impressed by their extensive kitchen selection. As a foodie, I was delighted to find a variety of unique kitchenwares, perfect for any culinary adventure. My favorite find was a beautiful apron, a perfect mix of practical and stylish.

One thing to note, however, is that the lighting in the store can be a little off. It's not dark, but it's not bright either. This could be due to the height of the displays, but it's a minor detail compared to the overall experience.

And let's not forget about their food samples! Although, they could do a bit better job at maintaining them, it's a great way to try out their international food offerings.

The staff at World Market is also a big part of what makes shopping here such a pleasant experience. They are always friendly and willing to assist with any questions or needs.

Even though the store might feel a bit chilly at times, that's not enough to put me off. I'm always excited to come back and see what new treasures I can find at World Market. The prices range from good to moderate, making it a great spot for finding unique items without breaking the bank. So, if you're in the Vacaville area, I highly recommend stopping by World Market. You never know what treasures you'll find!

RH Outlet Vacaville

RH Outlet Vacaville Β· 1071 Helen Power Dr, Vacaville, CA 95687, United States
β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜† Β· Furniture store

A trip to Vacaville isn't complete without visiting the RH Outlet. As an aficionado of timeless furniture, this spot is my go-to for luxurious home goods. The chic, high-quality furniture might be pricey, but the quality and discounts make it well worth it.

One of the standout features of the store is the friendly staff. Always ready to help, they've often guided me in selecting pieces that perfectly match my decor. I appreciate their knowledge of the products and their ability to pinpoint what might suit my space and style.

On my last visit, I was thrilled to see that they had moved to a larger location. The new space is more spacious and boasts a larger selection of furniture. While I did notice a smaller selection of decor and accessories compared to their previous location, the furniture variety more than made up for it.

The discounts offered at RH Outlet are hard to resist, ranging from 30% to 60% off, making it a haven for bargain hunters like me. I've found some spectacular pieces here that had nothing wrong with them, while others had minor damages that were hardly noticeable. The range of furniture is constantly refreshed with shipments arriving three times a week. This means there's always something new and exciting to discover every time I visit. So, if you're ever in Vacaville, make sure to drop by the RH Outlet for some high-end shopping.

Scandinavian Designs: A Haven for Contemporary Furniture

Scandinavian Designs Β· 266 Bella Vista Rd, Vacaville, CA 95687, United States
β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜… Β· Furniture store

On my quest for the perfect furniture to adorn my home, I found myself stepping into Scandinavian Designs, a retailer of contemporary furniture in Vacaville. It's not just a furniture store, it's a place where modern design meets home comfort in perfect harmony.

From the moment I walked in, I was taken in by the expansive selection of unique pieces. I've made several visits and each time, I've fallen in love with the different items I've purchased. My lumpy old couch was replaced with a beautiful piece that immediately uplifted the vibe of my living room.

The staff at the store are nothing short of amazing. They're helpful, informative and they let you take your time to explore. I remember the time I was looking for a bedroom set, they went out of their way to find the best set that met all my expectations. It made my shopping experience a joy, to say the least.

The store is not pushy at all, giving you the space to make your choices. Angie, one of the store associates, was particularly helpful with my furniture selection. She guided me through choosing fabrics, showed me the fabric protection spray test, and even helped me with a poke test of the Bella fabrics. Her pride and certainty in the products sold themselves, making my shopping experience even more enjoyable.

Now, I'm eagerly waiting for my favorite dining room set to go on sale. But in the meantime, I can't wait for my living room furniture to arrive. Shopping at Scandinavian Designs truly feels like shopping with a friend.

Unearth Hidden Treasures at Mirage Furniture Outlet

Mirage Furniture Outlet Β· 3777 Vaca Valley Pkwy A2a, Vacaville, CA 95688, United States
Furniture store

A trip to Vacaville isn't complete without a visit to the Mirage Furniture Outlet. It's like stepping into a treasure trove, filled with a stunning array of furniture that is sure to add a touch of elegance to any home. The outlet is conveniently located, making it a must-visit for both locals and visitors alike.

One of the things that stands out about Mirage Furniture Outlet is the blend of value and respect for customers. Each visit feels like a unique adventure, as the inventory is constantly changing, offering an exciting mix of furniture pieces for every taste and preference. The store's impressive selection of furniture, coupled with its welcoming staff, contribute to a truly rewarding shopping experience.

But what truly sets Mirage Furniture Outlet apart is its commitment to customer satisfaction. The staff go above and beyond to ensure that you find the perfect piece to suit your needs, and are always ready to lend their expertise in helping you make the right decision. For anyone in Vacaville looking to furnish their home without breaking the bank, I highly recommend you pop in and have a look at Mirage Furniture Outlet. You might just find the perfect piece you've been searching for, just like I did.

Home Life Furnishings

Home Life Furnishings Β· 1041 Hume Way, Vacaville, CA 95687, United States
β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜† Β· Furniture store

After completing my shopping at Mirage Furniture Outlet, I decided to head over to Home Life Furnishings on a friend's recommendation. Let me tell you, it was worth it! The friendly sales associates greeted me warmly the moment I stepped in. They were more than happy to guide me through their extensive selection of furnishings. What struck me the most was the plethora of options available. From contemporary styles to classic designs, there was something to cater to every taste.

Their prices were surprisingly affordable, especially for the custom pieces. I was able to find exactly what I was looking for and even had it customized to match my home decor. The best part? They offer delivery and haul-away services. So, I didn't have to worry about transportation at all.

I've visited Home Life Furnishings three times now, each time to furnish a new room in my house. Each visit has been a pleasure, and I've always left with a piece of furniture that I absolutely love. If you're in Vacaville and looking for a furniture store with a great inventory, friendly staff, and affordable prices, I highly recommend checking out Home Life Furnishings. Trust me, you won't be disappointed.

west elm Outlet

west elm Outlet Β· 321 Nut Tree Rd Ste G, Vacaville, CA 95687, United States
β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜† Β· Outlet store

One of my most memorable shopping experiences in Vacaville was at the west elm Outlet. This place is a treasure trove for anyone who appreciates modern furniture, home accessories, and kitchen items.

Here's the thing about the west elm Outlet - it's hit or miss with pricing but when you do hit, it's a jackpot! I remember coming across several items that were priced incredibly well. It did take a bit of luck and time to comb through the selection, but the gems I found were worth the effort.

One of the highlights of my shopping experience was interacting with the staff. Michelle and Steven, in particular, were so helpful and patient. It was refreshing to deal with non-pushy salespeople who were knowledgeable about the products. They made my shopping time pleasant, and I ended up with great items at a great price.

However, I must mention that I did face a minor hiccup with a payment issue due to a faulty terminal. After reaching out to the store manager, the matter was sorted out, although it took a bit of time. I appreciated their effort to rectify the problem, and it didn't deter me from returning to the store in the future.

To sum it up, the west elm Outlet in Vacaville is a great spot for scoring deals on stylish, modern furniture and accessories. You might need a bit of luck with the pricing, but the selection and the helpful staff make it worth a visit.

A Slice of California Luxury at Mirage Modern Furnishings

Mirage Modern Furnishings Β· 1021 Hume Way STE A, Vacaville, CA 95687, United States
β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜… Β· Furniture store

There's something uniquely satisfying about finding the perfect piece of furniture, and my experience at Mirage Modern Furnishings was exactly that. As soon as I stepped into the store, I was greeted by a world of sleek, contemporary designs that immediately caught my eye.

I remember spending months on a quest for the perfect couch, and that's when the Vitto sleeper sectional at Mirage Modern Furnishings caught my attention. The color, the design, everything was just perfect. And the best part? It's made right here in California, and it comes with a lifetime warranty on the springs!

The service at Mirage Modern Furnishings was exceptional. Mike, one of the staff members, was incredibly knowledgeable about his inventory. He patiently walked me through various options, helping me pick not just the right couch, but also the perfect mattress. I was even able to furnish my entire house with beautiful pieces that fit my budget, thanks to Mike's help.

What impressed me the most was their delivery service. For just $99, they delivered and set up all my furniture. They were careful, professional, and made sure everything was placed exactly where I wanted it to be. I couldn't have asked for a better experience.

If you're in Vacaville and looking for high-quality, modern furniture, I highly recommend paying a visit to Mirage Modern Furnishings. Their exceptional service and vast selection make it a must-visit destination for all your furnishing needs.

Frequently Asked Questions about Furniture Stores in Vacaville

What types of furniture can I find in Vacaville stores?

Vacaville is home to a variety of furniture stores, each offering a unique selection of items. You can find everything from modern, sleek designs to rustic, vintage pieces. Whether you're in the market for a new couch, dining table, bedroom set, or even unique decor pieces, there's a store in Vacaville that's got you covered.

Do Vacaville furniture stores offer delivery services?

Yes, most furniture stores in Vacaville offer delivery services. Some stores may provide this service for free, while others might charge a nominal fee. It's always best to inquire about delivery options and costs when making your purchase. Some stores even offer assembly and setup, making your furniture buying experience smooth and hassle-free.

Can I find affordable furniture in Vacaville?

Absolutely! Vacaville offers a range of options when it comes to affordable furniture. From high-end outlets offering discounted items to thrift stores with hidden gems, there's something for every budget. Don't forget to check out sales and special offers for the best deals!

What are the operating hours of most furniture stores in Vacaville?

Operating hours can vary from store to store. However, most furniture stores in Vacaville are open from mid-morning to late evening, providing ample time for you to browse and shop. Some stores may have reduced hours or may be closed on certain days, so it's always a good idea to check the store's hours before making a trip.

Do these stores offer warranties on their furniture?

Many furniture stores in Vacaville do offer warranties on their products. The terms of these warranties can greatly vary, depending on the store and the type of product. Some warranties cover manufacturing defects, while others might cover accidental damage. It's important to ask about the warranty policy when purchasing furniture to ensure you understand what is and isn't covered.

Final Thoughts

Wrapping up this journey through the lively furniture stores in Vacaville, it's clear that the city has a lot to offer, whether you're hunting for a minimalist coffee table or a cozy, oversized couch. The unique blend of local and chain stores provides an expansive selection of furniture pieces, allowing you to find the perfect item to match your style and fit your space.

Remember, shopping for furniture is not just about filling a room; it's about creating a space that reflects your personality and fits your lifestyle. Whether you're furnishing your first apartment or updating your long-time family home, each piece you select contributes to making your space truly your own.

With the wide variety of furniture stores in Vacaville, you're sure to discover unique pieces that speak to you, from trendy modern designs to timeless traditional styles. So get out there and start exploring! Your dream space is waiting to be created, and the perfect piece is just around the corner.